for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
at Davidson College

for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
at Davidson College

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D’Mycal Foreman & Gig-Hub Consulting

D’Mycal Foreman is a sophomore, Theatre major at Davidson College and a Gig-Hub consultant with the Hurt Hub.  

The Gig-Hub program offers Davidson students the opportunity to engage in paid short-term real-world projects with a diverse range of clients. This project-based work, a gig, lets you, the client, complete a new or ongoing project while allowing students to expand their skill sets.

“Clients work with you to make sure you get the experience you want and need during the time you are with them.”

D’Mycal works as a social media assistant with Benco, a film production company created by Davidson graduate, Ben Allison ’11. Having the opportunity to create content, post reels, and learn more about social media with a film production company has provided him a direct experience in an industry and career he would like to pursue.

Davidson students are extremely eager to gain hands-on experience, and D’Mycal is direct evidence of that. Through his experience as a Gig-Hub consultant he now has marketable transferable skills to showcase to future employers. 

“Being a Gig-Hub Consultant gives you the opportunity to determine through experiential learning if the career path you are choosing is the right one.”

For students, D’Mycal cannot recommend the Gig-Hub program enough. As someone interested in pursuing a career in the film industry, D’Mycal is getting the experience necessary for him to expand his skills, including working as a production assistant and learning how to use the newest software to fulfill his dream of becoming a Film Director.

If you are looking for a gig or a student consultant in a certain career field, gigs and client opportunities are available. Click the links below to learn more.

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Davidson College


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