for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
at Davidson College

for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
at Davidson College

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Pat Kielb ’24: Making His Mark in Hip-Hop and the Polish Community

Meet Pat Kielb, or “Pice,” as he’s known in musical circles. Pat, who is set to graduate this May, is a hip-hop artist, producer, and sound engineer who is determined to elevate his presence in the music industry – especially within the Polish American community.

Pat Kielb, Pice, performing at Davidson College

A Try It Fund winner, Pat, or Pice, has devised a strategic plan that combines his love for hip-hop with his Polish heritage. His approach involves:

  • Polish Radio Stations: Utilizing the reach of Polish radio stations to connect with the community. This may entail purchasing airtime or promotional slots to share his hip-hop music and message with a broader audience.
  • Polish Festivals: Actively participating in Polish festivals, where he can perform live and engage directly with the community. This endeavor will encompass event registration fees, travel expenses, and booth setup.
  • Collaboration with Established Polish American Influencers: Partnering with influential figures within the Polish American community who can assist in promoting Pice’s music and brand to their followers.
  • Song Competitions: Applying for song competitions, which can provide exposure and recognition within the music industry. Fees associated with competition entry will be covered.
  • Merchandise Giveaways: Creating promotional merchandise, such as branded items or music CDs, to distribute at events or as part of promotional campaigns to further connect with fans and supporters.

Pice’s Try It win will help finance these essential components of his strategy.  This grant from the Hurt Hub, though small, will catalyze his journey toward becoming a recognized artist.

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Yusuf Ahmed’s Plan to Go from Football Player to Influencer to Physician

Yusuf Ahmed, class of 2025, is a Davidson College football player who embarking on an entrepreneurial journey with a mission to become a content creator. 

At the outset, Yusuf, a Try It! Fund winner, will establish a dedicated social media platform specifically tailored to young Muslim men aspiring to achieve success in fitness, entrepreneurship, and their religious journey. On this platform, he aims to regularly post motivational content that seamlessly combines religion and fitness. 

Furthermore, Yusuf Ahmed’s long-term vision involves cultivating a significant niche following. His following of Muslim young men will provide the foundation to expand his entrepreneurial pursuits. Specifically, he plans to market fitness-related products, supplements and training gear. His strategy involves first promoting third-party products for commission and then developing his own line of products for sale.

Looking ahead, Yusuf Ahmed aspires to become a physician, with a particular interest in health and alternative medicine. He firmly believes that building a substantial social media following will facilitate the establishment of his own online medical practice.

While his idea is still evolving, Yusuf Ahmed recognizes the tremendous market potential for a social media platform catering to his target audience. He is determined to leverage this opportunity to initiate his entrepreneurial journey.

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