for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
at Davidson College

for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
at Davidson College

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Davidson Venture Fund 2021 Finalist: Pomegrana

Each year, the Davidson Venture Fund invests up to $25,000 in an innovative, for-profit venture. If you would’ve talked to Emma Bueher ‘24 in December, she wouldn’t have been able to tell you much about the fund. Four months later she is a finalist for her business, Pomegrana. 

Before the Spring semester, Emma had no idea about the fund. 

“I wrote an article for the Davidsonian about my business in February. After it was released, someone from the Hurt Hub@Davidson reached out to me and encouraged me to apply for the Venture Fund. “ 

Pomegrana is Emma’s jewelry business, and she prides herself on being different from many other companies.  

“I really wanted to have focus on ethical and sustainable products for college students.  

Emma’s earrings are made using palmer clay. She originally had 6 different styles but has since expanded to several more.  

“My supplies are ordered through Etsy. Some of the jewelry is handcrafted and all of it is designed by me.” 

Soon after designing and making her first models, she began selling. 

“I set up an etsy page where I would sell my jewelry. As of now I have 85 sales, and I’m getting several orders a week.” 

Emma had to scale down her business once she came back to Davidson for her second semester. 

“It’s a lot of balancing classes, social life, and now Pomegrana. I’ve had to stop advertising, but I still get several orders a week.” 

The Venture Fund would allow Emma to greatly expand her business. She has several ideas for what to put the money towards. 

“Right now, I’m legally a lemonade stand. Ideally, I’ll hire 5-10 people so I can scale up and produce more.” 

Emma’s also been in contact with several mentors through the Hurt Hub@Davidson. She appreciates their guidance and outlook regarding her business. 

“I’ve been in contact with mentors. They’ve helped show me how to incorporate a business model, how to make a convincing pitch, and how to stay sustainable.” 

In addition, Emma’s mentors have given her motivation and ambition to keep moving forwards. She’s excited to grow and expand Pomegrana in the future. 

“My mentors have really emphasized shooting for the moon. I can be wholesaling for Walmart if I really wanted to be.” 

When asked about advice she’d give to a student thinking about starting a business, Emma emphasized the culture of Davidson. 

“Davidson is one of those places where it feels like everyone is creating 24/7. There’s this inspiration aspect of the school. It feels like everyone has some big side project.” 

Emma believes that with incredible Davidson’s environment, everyone should be giving something new a chance. 

“Davidson is such a supportive community. There are a million resources to use, and everyone is willing to help.”

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Davidson College


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