for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
at Davidson College

for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
at Davidson College

Annual Report

Catalyzing Innovation &
Entrepreneurship for All

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Impact on People

The Hurt Hub@Davidson convenes innovators and entrepreneurs in the Davidson College community and the Greater Charlotte region to catalyze innovative solutions to critical problems through educational programming, experiential learning in a safe environment, an inclusive co-working space, uncompromising ethics, a robust mentor network, access to startup capital, and innovation consulting.

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Learners in educational programming
New ventures launched / scaled
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Impact on Careers

25 unique entrepreneurship and innovation-focused classes, workshops, and programs.

95  ventures mentored through LaunchCLT, Davidson Alumni & Hurt Hub Leadership Team Office Hours.

New Consulting clients working with 3 startups and 2 public, global companies.

“MSC presented the Davidson team with a problem statement that was impacting our talent pipeline but needed additional bandwidth to address. The team was able to quickly familiarize themselves with our organizational structure and connected with internal leaders to assess current processes. We were pleased to have their external perspective surface opportunities to accelerate internal career paths and reduce attrition. The team handed off their recommendations and MSC is now actioning those improvements. It was truly a collaborative experience with return on investment for both the college and the company.”

Gigs in FY22
Student Gig-Hub Consultants
Student Consultant hours billed

The Gig-Hub

Our Gig-Hub program has proven to be a cornerstone in connecting talented Davidson students and commercial ventures, especially startups and small businesses, for short-term internships. The Gig-Hub program provides students who want to develop their professional skills with project-based micro-internships, known as gigs, that immediately translate into skills that employers desire.

“Working as a Gig-Hub consultant was beneficial. I appreciated how it pushed me to be more communicative and to manage my time more wisely.” Taw Meh’s comment demonstrates the dual value of the program to refine tangible skills and overall professional development. She also remarked, “The professional working world can be intimidating, but the Hurt Hub@Davidson has been a great help in preparing me well for what's to come!”

Startup Capital distributed to support new student, alumni, and community venture creation
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Digital Learning

Since the founding of the current Digital Learning team in April 2022, we have engaged with over 127,900 learners from over 186 countries across the world, providing access to open education for ALL. Over 90% of learners accessed the courses at no cost.

3 new courses launched:

  • Building a Lean Startup
  • Applied Storytelling
  • Just Be Yourself: The Art of Acting in the Workplace
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Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Davidson College


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