for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
at Davidson College

for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
at Davidson College

Become a
Gig-Hub Consultant

Become a Gig-Hub Consultant

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Gig-Hub is an exchange where Davidson students can engage in paid, short-term, real-world projects with a diverse range of clients: you know, a gig!

Gigs are flexible and available to all students living in the US.

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The Gig-Hub Process

Sign-up to be a Gig-Hub consultant

Sign-up to be a Gig-Hub consultant on Handshake. After you sign-up, you will be emailed to select your skill pools and sign up for a 30-minute Gig-Hub 101 orientation session.

Apply for gigs

Submit an updated portfolio of specific skills that will catch your future client’s eye. Clients will look at consultants who apply and choose the one that best fits their needs.

Complete your gig

Gigs are designed to be as flexible as your schedule needs. Remember, no two gigs are the same and no gig is better than another! There is an opportunity that fits every consultant’s needs and unique skill portfolio.

Update your Resume

Once you’ve completed your gig, remember to showcase all of the cool new skills and experiences you’ve gained.

Sign up for more gigs

Although you can only work one gig at a time, you can apply for another gig as soon as you are done with your current project.

See What Current Gig-Hub Consultants Do

While not an exhaustive list of gigs, these are projects you will have an opportunity to partake in as a Gig-Hub consultant.

Redesign A Logo
This non-profit enlisted the help of a Gig-Hub consultant to design an infographic for email and online marketing campaigns using previously compiled data of the organization. The consultant also helped redesign the non-profit’s logo and other brand assets to be more reflective of the organization’s new name.
Initially, when I first joined the program, I had very little experience working for clients and little confidence in my work. The program has allowed me to hone my skills and grow confidence in what feels like an “I am my own boss” type of job.
Create A Video
Local businessman Mike Faubert with Mount Up, LLC partnered with a Gig-Hub consultant to create a video showcasing installation instructions for their new product, the LockDok to be uploaded to their company website. LockDok mounts to an existing door lock or deadbolt with the existing hardware.
Working with Mount Up to shoot a video for their LockDok product was a truly enriching experience. Being able to work up next to an experienced product innovator such as Mike made for a mutually beneficial experience and an opportunity I was very lucky to have found.
Gain Accounting Experience
This business worked with a Gig-Hub consultant to help them with their financial transactions. The consultant worked in digital tools such as Quickbooks and Float to help the business stay on top of their books, budget, and cashflow.
The Gig-Hub program is an extraordinary program that has allowed me to learn more about accounting and finance and apply these skills in a real work place with incredible entrepreneurs and employers from the Davidson town.
Work with Davidson College
The Hurt Hub enlisted a team of its own Gig-Hub consultants as part of their Business Intelligence Team. On the BIT, consultants were directly involved in the creation of a central database designed to track the Davidson community’s involvement with the Hurt Hub. This has allowed the Hurt Hub to better understand and tailor to their clients’ needs.
My time on the Hurt Hub’s Business Intelligence Team has helped me to develop the tech skills I wouldn't have been exposed to as an English major but have been instrumental in my success as a technical intern for a consulting firm.

Learn More About The Gig-Hub

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Opportunities to Grow

The information above is not exhaustive of what being a Gig-Hub consultant entails. Opportunities with clients come in all different shapes, sizes, lengths, and challenges designed to meet you where you are and build your portfolio to where you want it to be. Clients submit projects because they specifically want to work with and grow alongside Davidson College students as much as you want to learn from clients. You will bring a unique skillset to any gig that you work—and you will likely teach your client something new in the process.

Important to Know

No matter your gig, you will be paid for the time you work. And before you accept a gig, you will have a chance to learn about the client and the project. Although you are working for a client, all gigs are staffed and paid through Davidson College. As such, all Gig-Hub consultants are Davidson College employees and should abide by Davidson College’s Honor Code.

Tech impact fund

The Tech Impact Fund, relaunched in March 2021 through generous support from Whitney A. White, Davidson Belk Scholar ‘08 founder of Afara Global, creator of Take Back Your Time, and co-founder of Equity Commons, the Hurt Hub has offered women and minority-owned businesses over 2,600 hours of pro bono Gig-Hub consultant time. These hours have been distributed across 52 clients and 56 student Gig-Hub consultants, 85% of whom identify as underrepresented.

Students have supported startups in e-commerce, brand marketing, social media, web development and data analytics and worked on projects such as, machine learning for an online marketing company, SEO Marketing Research, and Content Development for a business that supports STEM career literacy for girls. 

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Davidson College


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