for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
at Davidson College

for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
at Davidson College

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Taw Meh, NEXT Level Participant

At the Hurt Hub@Davidson, step into a world of endless possibilities. The Gig-Hub Consultant program provides Davidson College students the opportunity to immerse themselves in short-term, real-world projects that allows students to gain skills for the professional world. With the contribution of the NEXT Level Scholarship, which supports first-generation college students to build connections in the professional field, Taw worked with YogaFit Tribe, which brings therapeutic evidence-based yoga programs to a digital platform. “Working as a community outreach coordinator, I was able to help bridge the gap between yoga instructors and users via social media accounts and outreach programs.” This work experience pushed her to improve her communication and time management skills – tools necessary to excel both inside and outside the classroom.

In collaboration with The Hurt Hub@Davidson, the creative writing course, “A Bit About Me,” taught by Professor Steve Kaliski in the Theatre and Writing department at Davidson College, also provided extremely valuable skills for Taw. This opportunity is possible through an EdX program proposal, which allowed for the establishment of two new College courses, which are concentrated on the significance of storytelling and narration. Taw noted one of her favorite assignments from the course – creating slide deck presentations. This activity allowed Taw to explore her creativity and learn the intricacies of working for a business. “When you are allowed to talk about a company of your own choice, it becomes easier.” Through a mentorship program within the course, Taw was also paired with Davidson alumna and OBGYN Dr. Nicole Wellbaum. As a pre-med student, Dr. Wellbaum provided Taw with excellent career advice and tips and was able to answer any of her questions.

I asked Taw about her plans for the future – whether it be her college career or beyond. She plans to stay involved in the Hurt Hub@Davidson, hopefully by engaging in another gig opportunity with YogaFit Tribe or applying for the abundant funding opportunities for students. Keep an eye out for Taw and her contributions to the Hurt Hub@Davidson in the future!

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