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The Value of Mentors in Entrepreneurship — Lucid Drone Tech

Over the past year, Lucid Drone Tech, a student-founded company which uses drone technology to clean commercial skyscrapers, has gained significant attention. Adrian Mayans ‘19, Andrew Ashur ‘18, and David Danielson ‘19 started the company on a futon in one of their dorm rooms.

Danielson originally came up with the idea in response to the precarious current methods of window washing skyscrapers. The company’s goal is to use drone technology to improve industry safety and “relocate those cleaning workers who used to be suspended up in the air to back on the ground.” To achieve this, Lucid has developed drone technology never before designed to clean dirt, mold, and other stains off a variety of building types.

Lucid Drone Tech is currently raising their initial round of funding and building a company portfolio. But how did this idea, drawn up in a dorm room, become a reality? Lucid says they owe it all to their mentors.

In the spring of 2018, Lucid won the 2018 Davidson Venture Fund—a Davidson-run pitch competition that funds aspiring entrepreneurs, open to current Davidson College students and recent alumni,  and provides them with valuable mentors to help them develop their ideas. While Lucid was beyond grateful for the financial investment they received from the college after winning  from the Davidson Venture Fund, they could not stress enough how important the mentors gained from the competition were to their success. “That was honestly the biggest win for us in the competition,” Danielson explains, “We absolutely would not be in the position we are in without them.”

Three of Lucid’s mentors from the Venture Fund now sit on the Lucid Drone Tech Board of Advisors:

Louis ForemanCEO of Enventys Partners

Jim PattersonVP/ GM, Flash Wireless at ACN

Mike MarvinManaging Director at MDM Advisors

Craig Yoder, an independent consultant and former tech executive at Landauer, Inc., was the fourth member of Lucid’s mentor team during last year’s Davidson Venture Fund pitch-competition.

Through dinners at Brickhouse Tavern and late-night phone calls, Lucid and their mentors built a solid relationship that developed the company into what it is today. Lucid’s mentors laid out tasks during the team’s first steps in forming a company, motivated them to improve their ideas, and actively helped make decisions for the betterment of the company. Mayans says, “When we showed up to the Venture Fund, all we had was an idea. They helped us put our idea into a business.”

Lucid’s mentors have also connected the Lucid team to opportunities that are helping  build the company’s By cleaning different buildings and treating different stains, Lucid can show what their drones are made of. Ashur explains that Lucid hopes, “to further prove the efficacy of what our drone system is capable of doing.”

Through the step-by-step guidance of their mentors and their own hard work, Lucid Drone Tech has gained the confidence in their product and expertise in their field to continue pushing forward. Ashur puts it best: “We know this is the future of cleaning, now we just need to get out there.”

Watch our vlog on Lucid Drone Tech, produced by Resident Vlogger @ The Hurt Hub, Jessie Epstein.

By Lucy Fasano ’21, Resident Storyteller at The Hurt Hub.

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Hub Happenings: Episode 10

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_video src=””][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Students, time to take advantage of The Hurt Hub@Davidson while you are studying for finals. Checkout how in our 10th and final episode for the semester!

We can’t wait to get back to Hub Happenings starting in January 2019 for the spring semester! Don’t forget to like this video, comment what you would like to see, and subscribe to our YouTube channel so that you never miss a Hub Happenings upload! Thanks for watching. Have an great break!

By Jessie Epstein ’21, Resident Vlogger at The Hurt Hub.


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Introducing Be Good Jewelry Company

Team Name: Be Good Jewelry Company


  • Megan Goodling (
  • Kat Seitz

How We Got Here: Be Good Jewelry Company was started in the Davidson College Maker Space with a simple vision and big goals, and has grown to have a presence on campus among students, organizations, and at Main Street Books. Through hard work, a fun marketing campaign, and a custom design format, Be Good has become

What We Do: Be Good makes custom laser cut earrings and jewelry using sustainable raw materials. We focus on sustainability, ethical production and custom designs with lots of consumer feedback.

Where We’re Going/What’s to Come: Be Good will hopefully be featured in more stores around Davidson. Two next bigs steps include holiday designs and, next semester, Big/Little reveal themed earrings as well. We will soon start producing a necklace line as well.

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Blog Post 1

In these past couple weeks, we put an emphasis on customer discovery in which we utilized Survey Monkey to create a survey that would help us understand how our brand, logo, and shirt designs resonate with potential consumers. In order to receive this feedback, we created a social media presence through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, allowing us to connect with the Davidson community and share the surveys. We plan to continue utilizing survey monkey as well as posting on social media to create awareness of our company.

We were also able to meet with a mentor, Rory Laney, a key account manager for Teva, who will help guide us through this process. Our first meeting with him was very productive and we got a lot of good information and advice from him.

Currently we are working to finalize both the website through Wix and our merchandise through Threadbird. We have decided to purchase long sleeve shirts since its winter, and because we can sell them for slightly more than regular short sleeve t-shirts We’re also contacting people to potentially write the initial stories that we will launch the website with.

Our next steps are meeting with a lawyer team to learn more about the legal implications of creating a brand and selling merchandise, trying to connect with local lifestyle brands in Charlotte & Davidson for feedback/advice on what we’re doing, and looking into contacting Threadbird to discuss shirt design and order of shirts.

Alum Article

Alumni Spotlight: Erika Dean ’05 on Being the Composer for her Company’s Go-to-Market Strategy

Erica Dean ‘05, lawyer and Global Ops + Product Launch Strategist, sat down with The Hurt Hub@Davidson to talk about her path from Davidson College student to successful business woman.

Dean began her success by taking on many leadership roles. During her time at Davidson College she was the President of the BSC, head resident advisor, and a Senior Admissions Fellow. 

The liberal arts education inspired Dean to pursue a career in which she could use her Hispanic Studies major, communication skills, and interest in technology. She says, “I wanted to be able to use both sides of my brain.”

This passion, along with an outreach from a recruiter on LinkedIn, lead Dean to start working at OutBrain (a multicultural advertising company) as a Go-to-Market Strategist Leader. Now, she uses her Spanish skills and technological experience to build strategies for tech companies to better create products that meet the actual needs of multicultural markets. She then makes sure those products are successful when they launch.

“My job is to be the bridge—I’m Switzerland, the quarterback, or the composer of the Go-to-Market strategy.” Dean further explains, “I may not know how to do everyone’s job, but I know when to pull in people to get the job done.” Davidson College helped Dean be successful in her career by giving her the opportunity to take on responsibility. She learned how to better negotiate and make sure that everyone left a conversation feeling as though it was a win-win. She also describes how important a liberal arts education is in helping students become educated and experienced in a wide variety of topics. When Davidson students enter the professional world they have a broad repertoire of information to use to connect with others. “Companies are not able to operate in a silo,” Dean goes on to say, “so if you find that commonality between yourself and another company it can help you to pull them out of their shells and get the products to launch more successfully.”

Her biggest challenge during her career was learning speak up. Not only was Dean balancing intercultural communication but she also discovered her own tendency to be quiet. Dean explains that it took her some time figuring out that her introversion holds power in the business world. She learned, “There is power in who I am. I learned how to navigate that and not see my introversion as a weakness.”

Dean’s love of technology, communication, and entrepreneurship has culminated in her vibrant career and her new position on The Hurt Hub@Davidson Board of Trustees. Now, Dean helps other Davidson students become successful as well. Her main piece of wisdom for students is to “know yourself, and figure out how you can grow from there.”

By Lucy Fasano ’21, Resident Storyteller at The Hurt Hub.

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Alumni Spotlight: George Ramsay ’13 from Green Eggs and Jam to Bold Music

George Ramsay ’13, co-owner and co-founder of Bold Music got his start at Davidson College. Ramsay took full advantage of what Davidson had to offer. As a music major, varsity soccer player, and member of one of the most popular bands on campus– Green Eggs and Jam, Ramsay experienced every side of the college.

After graduating Davidson, Ramsay set up his company in Charlotte. Ramsay’s company, Bold Music, offers at home lessons for aspiring musicians. Ramsay uses his business to spread his passion for music. Now, he helps children and adults to realize their dreams of becoming musicians. But, music has not become all business for Ramsay. His band Green Eggs and Jam is still going strong. The band now plays for weddings, including a wedding of a Davidson Alumni in Germany!

Ramsay took a diverse set of experiences (and one awesome band) from his time at Davidson College. He believes that these experiences were integral to his success as an entrepreneur.

Ramsay explains that life as an entrepreneur is often unpredictable: “When you start a business you have no idea what you’re getting into, and you often have to adjust on the fly. You may not necessarily be doing things you ever thought you would be doing.”

The value of a liberal arts education, especially in the entrepreneurial field, is that students have a more diverse background of knowledge. Ramsay suggests that Davidson College helps students become uniquely equipped to taking on tasks outside of their majors or realms of expertise. After his time at Davidson, Ramsay was able to draw on his experiences from classes he never thought he would take, his career as a varsity athlete, and his education in music.

While the value of the liberal arts track cannot be understated, Ramsay wishes that Davidson had a more accessible network of alumni to help students get started. After leaving Davidson, Ramsay found a mentor to be extremely helpful in the start of his business. However, he explains that Davidson’s current alumni network makes it extremely difficult to find help, either for advice, summer internships, or other work. Ramsay could not stress enough the value of “having a mentorship program where entrepreneurs can connect with older Davidson alumni in business to lean on and run ideas past.”

The importance of preparing students for life as an entrepreneur is becoming increasingly important. During his time at Davidson and his time in the professional world, Ramsay has noticed that many millennials are becoming more interested in personal and professional freedom as opposed to a traditional career path. For those individuals Ramsay suggests entrepreneurship as a career path. He explains, “a huge benefit of being an entrepreneur is the freedom it allows.”

Of course, life as an entrepreneur is not all positive. Ramsay warns, “Starting a company can be lot of responsibility and the start can be really stressful. Put things into perspective, because tons of companies don’t work and a lot of successful entrepreneurs aren’t successful on their first try.”

While failure can seem daunting both Ramsay and The Hurt Hub@Davidson want to remind aspiring entrepreneurs once again that failure is not final. Ramsay’s final piece of advice is to, “Take a leap of faith: be willing to go for it and be willing to fail. A failure in the short term can be a really helpful lesson in the long term.”

How The Hurt Hub gets involved:

The Hurt Hub is completely on board with Ramsay about the value of failure. In fact, we even have a Failure Fund that allows students to learn through failures!

As for Ramsay’s point on Davidson’s need for a more robust mentor program — we could not agree more! Student and alumni interest in mentorship was a core focus during the development of The Hurt Hub. At present, The Hurt Hub connects students with entrepreneurs and other local professionals everyday, and is building additional resource options for alumni. Looking for mentorship, or how to connect with Davidson Alumni working in the entrepreneurial field? Connect with Julie Goff (, General Manager of The Hurt Hub, to learn how!

By Lucy Fasano ’21, Resident Storyteller at The Hurt Hub.

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