for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
at Davidson College

for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
at Davidson College

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Before we left for Winter Break, the Forbidden Renaissance team got together and decided that figuring out the legal nuts and bolts of entrepreneurship was crucial. To accomplish that, we met with Chris Clark for a free consultation on the legal process of establishing a business. Mr. Clark was very helpful, and we benefited greatly from his input. We then went ahead and filed for our business name with the State of North Carolina and started to dissect the tax ramifications of selling the shirts. We met with Ben Baker, the accounting professor on campus, and asked for his input on the tax process. As we did this, we also continued to refine our website and t-shirt design. Before we left, we put it in our order for the shirts and planned for what we would accomplish over break.

We continued to communicate over the direction of the website including design, format, and content. The website is a critical part of our business plan, and we have invested a lot of time in its success. We also received the shirts, and we set up the online purchase option. We deliberated on price points and came to a consensus using our agreed upon method of making decisions. Additionally, we continued to engage with social media to promote our message and brand.

After reconvening and going over the next phase of our business, we finished setting up our joint bank account through Azlo and received our employee identification number. We went into Charlotte to take pictures and show off our exciting new merchandise to post on our website. We also posted those pictures to social media to continue spreading the word about Forbidden Renaissance. Lastly, a very important part of our agenda, we assigned specialized roles to each member of our business to tackle different problems. We feel we reached a point where specialization would greatly benefit us. We are hoping and trying our best to spread our message of acceptance and tolerance.

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Davidson College


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