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Sarah Woods ’21 – From Outpost to Basecamp

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A Quick Overview

Sarah Woods ’21 began her journey with Summit when she was a sophomore in college, as a barista. As an Arab Studies and Political Science double major, Sarah was abroad in Jordan when she interviewed for the on-campus job. Sarah worked as a barista for two years until she transitioned to running Summit Outpost as the student manager. From there, Sarah was asked to take a trek over to Main Street to run Summit’s Base Camp Café after graduation.

In Sarah’s eyes, every day of being a manager leads to all kinds of innovation. You never know what your day might entail when you walk into Basecamp. There can be no fixed job description because Sarah can be found fixing the dishwasher at one moment and the next taste testing Summit’s newest brew. Not only does this variety lead to innovative days, but it also means there’s never a moment of boredom for Sarah. Figuring out solutions to problems, any problems, is exactly what she loves to do. 

Sarah’s journey with Summit is just beginning and with such a small company that is growing so quickly, Sarah has many opportunities to grow and has many skills to lend. As a very recent graduate, Sarah recommends that Davidson students focus on impacting those around them and realize that their everyday actions can lead to enormously large impacts. Focusing on just changing the world won’t get you very far, but focusing on changing the community around you for the better, will.

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