A $500 seed fund for Davidson students who want to solve a problem with an innovative solution.


The Short Answer: Davidson students have a lot of great ideas. We want to help bring them to life.

The Long Answer: Innovative and entrepreneurial approaches to problem solving are now a key component of leadership and service and are becoming more valuable across all fields and professions. A hallmark of a Davidson education is that students are producing knowledge rather than passively consuming it. Similarly, innovation and entrepreneurship are the active (not passive) production of new ideas and solutions.

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative aspires to empower students to solving problems in new and innovative ways. It values critical innovations that are high-impact over improvements to existing concepts. It aims both to teach students a way of thinking and an approach to solving problems, giving them a chance to “try it out” with seed funding and support and, through this process, aims to illuminate the nexus between the liberal arts and entrepreneurship and develop specific connections between Davidson’s curriculum and an entrepreneurial way of thinking.

innovation? entrepreneurship? do I have to be a techie that’s only out for profit?


what is innovation?

Innovation is one of those buzzwords with one-thousand-million definitions. It’s confusing– we know.
When we say we are looking for innovative projects we are looking for a project that:

  • is new or creative.
  • involves some risk.
  • is bold.
  • is viable.
  • has impact

what are some examples of good projects?

  • Suggestions for examples?


what makes a competitive applicant?

We like applicants from all disciplines who are willing to put themselves out there, who take smart risks, who aren’t afraid of failure, and who are committed to getting shit done.

what is expected of grant recipients?

  • Recipients must produce a minimum viable product (or solution) within 7 weeks of receiving award.
  • Grant participants must write weekly 200-500 reflection during the course of their project.
  • Open communication with Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative throughout the process.
  • That’s it.


?this is the most important section?

It’s okay if your project fails. Seriously. We want you to think of yourself as a researcher: failing is okay as long as your methodology is sound (we’ll help you with this), you work hard, and you learn something from it.

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Don’t know if your idea qualifies? Email us.

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