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Before we left for Winter Break, the Forbidden Renaissance team got together and decided that figuring out the legal nuts and bolts of entrepreneurship was crucial. To accomplish that, we met with Chris Clark for a free consultation on the legal process of establishing a business. Mr. Clark was very helpful, and we benefited greatly from his input. We then went ahead and filed for our business name with the State of North Carolina and started to dissect the tax ramifications of selling the shirts. We met with Ben Baker, the accounting professor on campus, and asked for his input on the tax process. As we did this, we also continued to refine our website and t-shirt design. Before we left, we put it in our order for the shirts and planned for what we would accomplish over break.

We continued to communicate over the direction of the website including design, format, and content. The website is a critical part of our business plan, and we have invested a lot of time in its success. We also received the shirts, and we set up the online purchase option. We deliberated on price points and came to a consensus using our agreed upon method of making decisions. Additionally, we continued to engage with social media to promote our message and brand.

After reconvening and going over the next phase of our business, we finished setting up our joint bank account through Azlo and received our employee identification number. We went into Charlotte to take pictures and show off our exciting new merchandise to post on our website. We also posted those pictures to social media to continue spreading the word about Forbidden Renaissance. Lastly, a very important part of our agenda, we assigned specialized roles to each member of our business to tackle different problems. We feel we reached a point where specialization would greatly benefit us. We are hoping and trying our best to spread our message of acceptance and tolerance.

Wear what you believe in!

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In these past couple weeks, we put an emphasis on customer discovery in which we utilized Survey Monkey to create a survey that would help us understand how our brand, logo, and shirt designs resonate with potential consumers. In order to receive this feedback, we created a social media presence through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, allowing us to connect with the Davidson community and share the surveys. We plan to continue utilizing survey monkey as well as posting on social media to create awareness of our company.

We were also able to meet with a mentor, Rory Laney, a key account manager for Teva, who will help guide us through this process. Our first meeting with him was very productive and we got a lot of good information and advice from him.

Currently we are working to finalize both the website through Wix and our merchandise through Threadbird. We have decided to purchase long sleeve shirts since its winter, and because we can sell them for slightly more than regular short sleeve t-shirts We’re also contacting people to potentially write the initial stories that we will launch the website with.

Our next steps are meeting with a lawyer team to learn more about the legal implications of creating a brand and selling merchandise, trying to connect with local lifestyle brands in Charlotte & Davidson for feedback/advice on what we’re doing, and looking into contacting Threadbird to discuss shirt design and order of shirts.

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Introducing Forbidden Renaissance

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Team Name: Forbidden Renaissance

Team Members:

  • Kerry Winfrey (@TheFreshKwin)
  • Name (@garrett_nickelson)
  • Cole Reynolds (@cole_reynolds5)
  • Nick Peeples (@nickpeeples35)

How We Got Here: Racial divisions, gender and political polarization, LBGTQ discrimination, etc., have become intrinsically baked into every social aspect of our lives. Rather than sitting back and ignoring the problems that so many communities face today, we wanted to provide some way that could unite communities and create a sense of acceptance no matter your demographic. So in order to achieve this, we created the idea of Forbidden Renaissance.

What We Do: Our brand, Forbidden Renaissance, stems from our devotion to bridge the gap between people of all different demographics. Many of the discords we see today are so normalized in our society that people possess different implicit biases. We believe that there isn’t a full understanding of, or tolerance for, everyone’s circumstances and beliefs in our society. We have taken steps back rather than forward, and we need a cultural rebirth, or in other words, a renaissance, to stray away from our ignorance towards diversity. However, societal norms of today prevent progress—almost like it’s forbidden. Through our brand, we want to create an environment where it is safe for anyone to express their opinions, to expose their feelings, and to offer personal insight. We want to cultivate change and allow people to freely express what truly makes them unique.

Where We’re Going/What’s to Come: When we first began this project we limited ourselves to developing and spreading our message of unity and acceptance through the use of clothing. However, since then we have evolved our vision into accompanying the clothing line with an online platform that would eliminate the journalistic middleman of a reporter. This platform allows people to directly share their own first-person stories of different situations in society. Through the use of clothing (wearing what you believe in) and an online platform to explore other people’s experiences and insights, we believe there is a chance for open, civil dialogue among the community you otherwise may not see.

Wednesday, November 21: Right now, we’re collecting customer feedback via Survey Monkey and working to finalize both the website and our merchandise. We have decided to purchase long sleeve shirts since its Winter, and because we can sell them for slightly more than regular short sleeve t-shirts. We’re also contacting people to potentially write the initial stories that we will launch the website with. We’ve also begun posting on social media to create awareness of our company. We have also reached out to Chris Clark about setting up a legal consultation. We hope to follow up with the mentor Rory for any advice in this phase of the company.

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