Introducing Be Good Jewelry Company

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Team Name: Be Good Jewelry Company


  • Megan Goodling (
  • Kat Seitz

How We Got Here: Be Good Jewelry Company was started in the Davidson College Maker Space with a simple vision and big goals, and has grown to have a presence on campus among students, organizations, and at Main Street Books. Through hard work, a fun marketing campaign, and a custom design format, Be Good has become

What We Do: Be Good makes custom laser cut earrings and jewelry using sustainable raw materials. We focus on sustainability, ethical production and custom designs with lots of consumer feedback.

Where We’re Going/What’s to Come: Be Good will hopefully be featured in more stores around Davidson. Two next bigs steps include holiday designs and, next semester, Big/Little reveal themed earrings as well. We will soon start producing a necklace line as well.

ermoreauIntroducing Be Good Jewelry Company
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Introducing Forbidden Renaissance

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Team Name: Forbidden Renaissance

Team Members:

  • Kerry Winfrey (@TheFreshKwin)
  • Name (@garrett_nickelson)
  • Cole Reynolds (@cole_reynolds5)
  • Nick Peeples (@nickpeeples35)

How We Got Here: Racial divisions, gender and political polarization, LBGTQ discrimination, etc., have become intrinsically baked into every social aspect of our lives. Rather than sitting back and ignoring the problems that so many communities face today, we wanted to provide some way that could unite communities and create a sense of acceptance no matter your demographic. So in order to achieve this, we created the idea of Forbidden Renaissance.

What We Do: Our brand, Forbidden Renaissance, stems from our devotion to bridge the gap between people of all different demographics. Many of the discords we see today are so normalized in our society that people possess different implicit biases. We believe that there isn’t a full understanding of, or tolerance for, everyone’s circumstances and beliefs in our society. We have taken steps back rather than forward, and we need a cultural rebirth, or in other words, a renaissance, to stray away from our ignorance towards diversity. However, societal norms of today prevent progress—almost like it’s forbidden. Through our brand, we want to create an environment where it is safe for anyone to express their opinions, to expose their feelings, and to offer personal insight. We want to cultivate change and allow people to freely express what truly makes them unique.

Where We’re Going/What’s to Come: When we first began this project we limited ourselves to developing and spreading our message of unity and acceptance through the use of clothing. However, since then we have evolved our vision into accompanying the clothing line with an online platform that would eliminate the journalistic middleman of a reporter. This platform allows people to directly share their own first-person stories of different situations in society. Through the use of clothing (wearing what you believe in) and an online platform to explore other people’s experiences and insights, we believe there is a chance for open, civil dialogue among the community you otherwise may not see.

Wednesday, November 21: Right now, we’re collecting customer feedback via Survey Monkey and working to finalize both the website and our merchandise. We have decided to purchase long sleeve shirts since its Winter, and because we can sell them for slightly more than regular short sleeve t-shirts. We’re also contacting people to potentially write the initial stories that we will launch the website with. We’ve also begun posting on social media to create awareness of our company. We have also reached out to Chris Clark about setting up a legal consultation. We hope to follow up with the mentor Rory for any advice in this phase of the company.

ermoreauIntroducing Forbidden Renaissance
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Introducing Lucid

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Team Name: Lucid LLC


Andrew Ashur ’18

David Danielson ’19

Adrian Mayans ’19


How We Got Here:

Back in the fall, we had an idea of a way to more efficiently and safely clean skyscrapers by using drone technology. Since then we have been off to the races, as we have obtained a provisional patent, developed a functional prototype, incorporated as an LLC in North Carolina, passed the FAA remote pilot license exam for commercial drone operation, and have begun earning revenue.

What We Do:

Currently, we are operating as an all encompassing pressure washing company for houses and we wash vinyl siding, brick, driveways, front stoops, fences, patios, etc. Additionally, we are continuing to further improve upon our prototype to enhance its efficiency and cleaning capabilities. Our prototype allows us to clean tall, hard to reach surfaces that had previously been dangerous to clean by combining the versatility of a flying drone with the cleaning capabilities of a pressure washer..

Where we’re going/what’s to come:

Lucid LLC has three big steps in the near future, with the first one being to add a new feature to our prototype that will allow us to easily clean windows with our drone. Secondly, we are applying to various accelerator programs and funding competitions to allow us to further develop our idea on a larger scale. Lastly, we will be working diligently with our lawyer to file our nonprovisional patent.

ermoreauIntroducing Lucid
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Name: Ellie Rifkin,

Team Name:

How I Got Here: I was driven to start this blog by the level of toxicity in today’s politics, and the level of sensationalism: the conversations we have are so explosive and partisan that we ignore the major underpinnings. I initially started blogging about economics in English 201, but without the time or framework to continue, I put the project aside. Even though I’ve had this idea in the back of my mind for a long time, and have had encouragement from friends who say they appreciate when I take the time to explain things about economics to them–even though what they call “explaining things” I call “ranting.” Discovering that the Failure Fund program could provide me an opportunity to really develop the site, gain readership, and even attempt to turn it into a source of revenue, gave me the final push I needed.

What I Do: I blog about economic topics–theory, concepts, and current events– in a way intended to be accessible, understandable, and approachable to anyone with or without formal economics education. The topic ideas come from weekly econversations sessions, informal economics discussions with students lead by professor Shyam Gouri Suresh, who also provides guidance and feedback on the posts themselves as part of an independent study course that satisfies the writing requirement for the economics major.

Where I’m going/what’s to come: Now that the site is up and running and the content, with images, has been posted, I am ready to start in on building the site’s social media presence. From there, I can focus on drawing readership to the blog and getting to the point where I can begin to set up the blog for ad revenues.

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Introducing NXT LVL ENT

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Team Name: NXT LVL ENT

Team Members:

Victor-Alan Weeks ’19

Bradford Grant ’19

Lawrence King ’19

How We Got Here: We all met Freshman year and created NXT LVL ENT. We decided to take this more seriously and make NXT LVL ENT a business. We found out about the failure fund while doing grant research, we applied and thankfully we got the grant and are in the process of becoming a legitimate entity.

What We Do: We are a Record Label/Production company. We make music, videos and art of all kind. We also sell merchandise ranging from shirts, to hats, pants, etc, that bear our brand name, NXT LVL. We’re also an artist collective and we recruit talented artists from all backgrounds to create art that is important to them and art that will have a global impact.

Where we’re going/what’s to come: We’re going to become a legitimate company. We’ll be a record label, production company, clothing company and artist collective. We’ll continue to make music and learn more about the music industry and make art that will have a global impact and change the world.

ermoreauIntroducing NXT LVL ENT
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Introducing Laser-cut Jewelry

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A little over a month ago, we received a Failure Fund grant to design and create sustainable wooden earrings and necklaces. Our primary goal for this semester was to iterate through multiple phases of prototyping to find a product that fit our vision so that when we return for the spring semester, we can focus heavily on marketing and branding. We began by laser-cutting many different geometric shapes out of sheets of wood. Next, we painted them to see what we liked and what we didn’t, and the conclusion we came to is the simpler the better. The designs we liked the most and hope to replicate and expand on in the coming months are beautiful because they display the simple beauty of geometry, bold colors, and natural materials. Although the earrings and necklaces are still a work in progress, we have a much better understanding of the process of their creation.

A step we look forward to taking in the future is using a sustainable wood which has been sourced ethically. We are already in contact with a community partner and artisan, who will hopefully guide us in a direction. Another goal is to create a brand that reflects our product. We plan to package our earrings using a seed paper–a paper that contains wildflower seeds so that when planted, a miniature garden grows. We want people to see our brand as positive, responsible, and constantly engaging with the community. Additionally, we will constantly be rethinking how we can make our product as sustainable as possible while maintaining a reasonable price.


Kat and Megan

ermoreauIntroducing Laser-cut Jewelry
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Dreamcatcher Cookies Summer Week 1

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Since no sales are made in the summer, I am working on some marketing tools in order to increase customer acquisition. The main focus right now is the logo. I want to have a logo that’s memorable and will make people feel like they’re eating cookies from back home, with a twist (the flavors are unique). I would prefer the logo to be cool colors since it is a nocturnal service, and because I want people to eat them and feel calm, collected, and ready to get back to studying. Within the next month, I will hire a graphic design company to make a logo and business cards for Dreamcatcher Cookies.

ermoreauDreamcatcher Cookies Summer Week 1
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