Hurt Hub Startup Courses

The Hurt Hub@Davidson prides itself on being an epicenter for entrepreneurial education. We offer a rotating selection of courses, focused on critical topics for any entrepreneur (or intrapreneur) trying to bring an idea to life. We teach lean startup methodology, venture capital basics, marketing strategy, and more. All Hurt Hub Courses are open to Davidson College students, faculty, staff – as well as the broader Davidson/Lake Norman and Charlotte community. 

When diverse communities come together in the same classroom, hungry for the same information — the possibilities are limitless.

Spring 2021 Offering

Building a Lean Startup

Course Length: 7 weeks
Course Dates: Wednesday nights
February 17 – March 31, from 6:30-8:00PM
Location: 1.5 hours Zoom instruction with optional individualized office hours
Instructor: Rebecca Weeks Watson (Meet Rebecca)

What You’ll Learn:
The Lean Startup approach to starting a company will likely flip your assumptions on their head. Rather than writing a lengthy business plan, building a product, and then trying to find customers, the Lean Startup approach positions a startup concept as a hypothesis you’re trying to test. It involves gathering early feedback, improving or altogether changing your product, and then scaling, so that you improve your odds of success and don’t waste your time, money or resources.

Today, almost every industry and company is turning to these entrepreneurial principles to figure out how to better serve customers, overcome market disruption and continually innovate.

Not only will you learn a strong foundation for startup operations, by the end of this course our hope is that you will have learned that pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and evolving quickly are more fun and rewarding than you ever imagined.

Who Should Register:
This course is ideal for Davidson students and general community members with startup ideas or early-stage companies, or “intrapreneurs” looking to innovate inside a larger organization. If you have a curious mind, we welcome you regardless of your previous entrepreneurial experience.

Meet the Instructor

Rebecca Weeks Watson

Rebecca Weeks Watson is a digital media entrepreneur with 17 years of experience in Silicon Valley and two U.S. patent awards. After starting her career in finance and then consulting for Match.com, she decided to pursue her interest in the startup world. She was on the founding team and led Business Development for two different marketing technology companies, one of which was acquired by Meredith Corporation. She has spoken at 50 conferences nationwide and enjoys lecturing at the University of Virginia’s undergrad business school. Most recently, Rebecca founded a groundbreaking interview series called The Reveal that uncovers the personal stories of world-class leaders.