Staff Booking Request

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Effective July 1, 2022, we will follow this policy for reservable spaces:

  1. Any meeting & event space rentals for College departments that are for internal meetings, celebrations, planning sessions, etc. will be charged at member pricing (discounts off list price). All reservations are subject to availability which can change daily. 
  2. Any classes that are developed in partnership with the leadership team at the Hurt Hub (e.g. Psychology 291, Writing 270) and are officially listed through the registrar will be afforded free classroom space and access to all Hurt Hub amenities.
  3. Any events co-created or co-sponsored by the Hurt Hub and College departments will have access to free space and Hurt Hub amenities, subject to availability. 
  4. Any family members of College faculty and staff are eligible for a 50% discount off coworking memberships, excluding offices.
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