Sponsored Projects

We connect forward-thinking companies with small student teams to help solve future problems and pursue research across a range of disciplines.

Davidson cultivates compassion, empathy, and creativity throughout the liberal arts experience, giving companies access to innovative concepts and solutions as well as exposure to high performing individuals who have a knack for tackling complex problems and a passion for building better futures.

Project Structure

Details: Determine scope of project with Davidson leaders
Duration: 3-month cycles (fall, spring, summer)
Team: 3-4 students and 1 faculty member
Mentor: Option to regularly advise student teams
Engage: Opportunity to talk to students about future employment

Addressing Real-World Challenges

Turned data into powerful intel by developing data visualizations to interpret patterns and trends for field workers and NGO users in international conflict zones.

Built an economic model analyzing the optimal investment level in information security to protect company data, a tool Rocus can use with its clients.

Analyzed data from a clinical study to understand how weather impacts migraines to support the company’s first product, MigrnX™.

We Partner With Companies Like

EY  • Quoin •  Rocus Networks   • SensorRx •  Summit Coffee Co.

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