for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
at Davidson College

for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
at Davidson College

Lily Korir

If there’s anyone who is a champion of the Hurt Hub@Davidson, it’s Lily Korir. Lily Korir is a recent Davidson College graduate of the class of 2023, a Computer Science and Applied Physics major, and a participant in a variety of programs offered here. 

Lily began her journey here as a part of our Gig-Hub Consultant Program. This program allows students to gain real-world experience in the professional world by partnering with a number of small businesses and start-ups. For her first gig, Lily worked for Wellzesta, a computer software company that focuses on wellness software for the senior living industry, as a market research consultant. Using and becoming proficient in HubSpot, as well as composing weekly presentations helped her refine her presentation and communication skills. For her second gig, Lily worked under an independent entrepreneur, where she helped automate data using various customer relationship management software(CRMs) such as Zappier and Zoho. “From these experiences, I got exposure to technologies and skills I would have otherwise not had in college.”

By then, Lily’s accomplishments had just begun. She participated in Innovation Weekend hosted by TechStars. This experience allowed Lily to think fast on her feet and learn how to pitch ideas in a short period of time. During this time, she actually pitched a version of her company, Mulik Dairy Solutions Limited, which eventually won the Nisbet Venture Fund at the Hurt Hub@Davidson. 

Lily’s company, Mulik Dairy Solutions Limited aims to “revolutionize small-scale dairy farming in Kenya by providing small-scale farmers with direct access to quality dairy farming inputs and competitive markets.” The Nisbet Venture, specifically on the Acceleration Track, awarded Lily with a $25,000 equity investment as well as opportunities for further education and mentorship. “My mentor has become a very crucial part of my venture and has helped me think of my venture from different perspectives and get better prepared.” Through the Nisbet Venture Fund, Lily was able to turn her business dreams into a reality. 

I asked Lily one last question, “what are some pieces of advice or suggestions you have for Davidson students looking to get into entrepreneurship?” She emphasized the importance of mentorship, specifically through the Davidson Alumni Network, as students can meet alumni or fellow entrepreneurs who can provide them with a comprehensive view of their chosen industry. These experiences through the Hurt Hub@Davidson provided Lily with exposure to a variety of technologies and skills that are extremely important both in and outside the classroom. 

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Davidson College


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