Intent to Achieve Form

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This form is used to notify the Hurt Hub staff that an individual is interested in completing the requirements to earn the Applied Entrepreneurship badge. After we receive your form, our Education Program Manager, Amy, will contact you to set up time for a discussion about the badge requirements and to help set up your individual plan for completion. 

In order to receive the badge, an individual must have demonstrated proficiency in the five learning outcomes outlined below. Please note, that the path to earning the Applied Entrepreneurship badge is driven by self-directed learning. What this means is that while we provide guidance, options, and final approval of activities that will meet the required learning outcomes, it will largely be up to the learner to decide what activities they will undertake as well as when they will complete them. 

In some cases, we may be able to retroactively approve activities if sufficient supporting documentation is available. Please check any of the following activities that you have fully completed through the Hurt Hub or Davidson College within the past five years:
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