What is Gig-Hub?

An exchange where Davidson students and startups/companies can connect on short-term real-world projects for pay: you know, a gig!

How does Gig-Hub work?

Startups and companies bring assignments or projects to Gig-Hub, perhaps an immediate need for data analysis, market research or copywriting, among other skills.

Davidson students can apply at any time during the year to become a Gig-Hub Consultant. Apply here.

Through The Hurt Hub, we match students with the right interests, availability and skill sets to companies with specific needs.

From there, you work together to get the job done!

The Details

What opportunities exist?

Opportunities with startups and companies come in all different shapes, sizes and challenges. Some may only require an hour or two; others could be a project that will require 30-40 hours over several weeks. No matter what the length of your gig, you will be paid for the time you work. And before you sign up for a gig, you will have a chance to learn about the client and the project.

How do I get paid?

All gigs will be paid through Davidson College. Students and companies don’t have to worry about setting up independent contractor paperwork.

How can I find a gig?

1. Apply to the Gig-Hub Consultant position on Handshake

2. Attend Gig-Hub 101 (mandatory).

All students participating in Gig-Hub will have to complete a mandatory orientation session preparing you for working with your clients and succeeding on your project.

3. Select which skill-pools you would like to join

  • Videography / Photography / Art
  • Translation Services
  • Data Analytics
  • Web Development (Front End or Full Stack)
  • Marketing / Design / Social Media
  • Copywriting / Editing / Web Content
  • General Research
  • Startup Generalist

4. Be ready for a gig!

Companies and startups will submit projects throughout the year. When a project comes up in your skill pool – you’ll receive an email notification to apply. Once the application period closes we will provide resumes to the company and they will conduct short interviews. Companies select the top candidate – and off you go!

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