for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
at Davidson College

for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
at Davidson College

Could Krispy Kreme Be Coming to Davidson?

Ever tasted a Krispy Kreme doughnut and thought, I wonder who is the genius CEO behind this perfect glazed masterpiece? Wonder no more. Get a glimpse inside the mind of Krispy Kreme CEO, Mike Tattersfield, with host Jared Herr ‘22 in this bite-sized podcast. Herr and Tattersfield dive into the best practices for innovation within your business, offer advice for young people starting out their careers, and give a little insight on the possibility of Davidson gaining its own Krispy Kreme…

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A Quick Overview

Mike Tattersfield began his career as an accountant and now he’s CEO of one of the most successful doughnut chains ever, Krispy Kreme. Although Mike never thought of going into the restaurant business, he’s been CEO of Caribou Coffee and Einstein Bagels and the end is nowhere in sight. Throughout his career, Mike has learned a lot about how to foster a culture of innovation with a business, and how the best companies lean into doable, innovative ideas. The importance of ensuring that the process of running a company doesn’t overtake the creative forces that make the company what it is has been an important lesson in Mike’s journey. 

When asked about any advice he’d give to young people starting their careers Mike gives two strong pieces of advice. The first is a welcome reminder: “Whatever lane you do, you gotta find something you love … You don’t know what you’re going to love right away.” Exploring, traveling, and experiencing new things are going to help you find what you truly love, but it might not come to you right away. Secondly, he advises, “Wherever you are in the roles that you are, master the craft of what you’re doing.” The ability to be an expert in your skill and not always be worrying about your next career move will get you noticed by others who will then continue to push you in the direction you’re supposed to go.  

Finally, we can confirm that Jared Herr and Mike align in their love of the original glazed donut. “You can’t go wrong. It’s an 84-year-old recipe. It’s automatic,” says Mike. 

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