for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
at Davidson College

for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
at Davidson College

Sydney Sherz Photophrapy

Sydney Schertz ’24: Capturing Life’s Honest Moments Through Photography

Meet Try It Fund winner Sydney Schertz ‘24, a portrait and lifestyle photographer based in Davidson and Chapel Hill, North Carolina..

Sydney’s love for storytelling through images began in high school and has flourished ever since. Her fascination with both digital and analog photography has shaped her unique style, which blends modern techniques with the timeless appeal of film. 

Specializing in family photography, graduations, and portraiture, Sydney has a knack for capturing the genuine beauty of her subjects. Whether it’s the joy of a family reunion, the pride of graduation, or the essence of an individual’s personality, Sydney’s photographs tell compelling stories that evoke powerful emotions.

But Sydney’s creativity doesn’t stop there. She is constantly exploring new avenues in photography by delving into lifestyle and branding projects that push the boundaries of her artistic expression. Her recent experiments with shooting film in both color and black & white have added a rich, nostalgic quality to her portfolio – further enhancing the storytelling aspect of her work.

Winning the Try It Fund has been a pivotal moment in Sydney’s journey. The grant has provided her with resources and support needed to expand her business, Sydney Schertz Photography. 

For Sydney, photography is more than just a profession—it’s a way of seeing and celebrating the world. Through her lens, she captures the honest, unguarded moments that define our lives.

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