for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
at Davidson College

for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
at Davidson College

Mike Remezo ‘24: Revolutionizing Pharmaceutical Safety with TruePharma

In a world where half a million lives are lost annually due to counterfeit drugs, Mike Remezo, a innovative student from Davidson’s class of 2024, is making a significant impact with his venture, TruePharma. As the winner of the 2024 Nisbet Venture Fund Incubation Track, Mike has been awarded $5,000 to bring his groundbreaking idea to life.

The problem Mike is tackling is both critical and complex. The pharmaceutical industry faces a severe trust issue, particularly in regions with inadequate regulatory oversight. Unethical actors exploit gaps in the supply chain and flood legitimate channels with fake drugs. This not only endangers lives but also undermines the integrity of the entire pharmaceutical delivery system.

TruePharma offers a unique solution to this pressing issue. Leveraging blockchain technology and tamper-evident packaging, TruePharma ensures the authenticity of medications from the point of manufacture to the consumer. By implementing cryptographic keys and a secure delivery system, TruePharma provides unparalleled transparency and traceability.

Mike’s dedication and passion for solving the counterfeit drug problem have driven him to develop the initial concept and prototype. With the support of Dr. Mendes, who provided guidance and assistance in running experiments, Mike has been able to refine and validate his innovative approach.

Winning the Nisbet Venture Fund Incubation Track is a pivotal moment for Mike and TruePharma. The $5,000 award will be deployed in two critical areas: hiring a developer and attending industry conferences. Hiring a developer will help Mike bring the technical infrastructure of TruePharma to fruition. Attending conferences and industry events will allow Mike to showcase TruePharma’s prototype and possibly connect him with potential partners and investorss.

What sets TruePharma apart from competitors is its holistic approach. While traditional logistics companies focus on specific aspects of supply chain security, TruePharma provides end-to-end protection. This comprehensive solution not only safeguards public health but also strengthens trust in the pharmaceutical industry.

As Mike continues to develop TruePharma, his story serves as an inspiration to fellow college students, alums, and aspiring entrepreneurs. With TruePharma, Mike Remezo is not only making a difference in the world of pharmaceuticals but also paving the way for a safer, more trustworthy future.

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