for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
at Davidson College

for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
at Davidson College

Alp Niksarli ‘27: Transforming Housing with GrotN and $2,500 from the Nisbet Venture Fund

The Netherlands faces a severe housing crisis, especially in cities like Amsterdam, Utrecht, and Eindhoven. Despite efforts to build more homes, affordable multi-bedroom rentals remain scarce and expensive, particularly for international migrants. Enter Alp Niksarli, co-founder of GrotN and the 2024 Nisbet Venture Fund People’s Choice Award winner. Alp recognized this challenge and together with his co-founder Cagan Oflazoglu, developed GrotN, a web platform designed to revolutionize the rental market.

GrotN introduces a Tinder-like system for matching rental seekers. It allows them to pool resources and afford higher-priced properties together – which aligns with Dutch culture where shared living arrangements are common. By streamlining the rental search process, GrotN facilitates seamless relocation experiences for both local and international movers.

Winning the $2,500 from the Nisbet Venture Fund is a pivotal moment for Alp and GrotN. This funding will enable GrotN to move their service from Discord to a fully functional web-based platform. 

Alp’s focus is on creating a platform that not only meets the needs of rental seekers but also provides a secure and reliable service. By offering personalized matching based on criteria such as preferred languages, desired rent, location, and roommate compatibility, GrotN ensures users find suitable and affordable housing options. This commitment to reducing individual rental costs is especially crucial for students and budget-conscious individuals.

GrotN stands out from traditional rental websites and social media groups by offering a free service that caters to both local and international users. By taking a percentage cut from monthly rent payments processed through the platform and offering premium services to rental providers, GrotN ensures a continuous income stream while maintaining the security and integrity of transactions.

Alp’s journey with GrotN and the $2,500 award from the Nisbet Venture Fund exemplify his dedication to solving real-world problems through innovation. With this funding, Alp and his team are positioned to transform the rental market in the Netherlands.

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