As we all transition to working and learning from home to protect against the spread of COVID-19, we have compiled virtual resources to help you continue your entrepreneurial or professional journey.


Our virtual office hours are free of charge and available to the Davidson, Lake Norman and greater Charlotte community. Davidson College alumni (regardless of location) are also invited to utilize our subject matter experts.

We are grateful to have a community that bands together and supports each other during hard times.

If you’d like to offer a virtual service or office hours, please reach out to Emma Balin at

Head shot of Chris Langford

Chris Langford
Venture Capitalist in Residence

Learn about the fundraising process and all things venture capital.
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Mark McDowell
Investor, Entrepreneur+ Engineer

Mark is available to chat with entrepreneurs about the venture capital process and how to prepare for venture meetings.
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Meg Seitz
Brand/Marketing Expert

Discuss ideas for how you might need to pivot your marketing + communications to reach customers right now.
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Steven Valdez
Federal Reserve Bank  |  Ex-PwC  |  Entrepreneur

Steven can help on topics such as strategic planning for pre-seed and seed stage companies, technology stack development on a budget, navigating startup ecosystem, experimentation & early adopters, and creating the first pitch deck.
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Head shot of Louis Foreman

Louis Foreman
Entrepreneur, Innovator + Investor


Need help building and scaling a product? A prolific inventor, Louis is the inventor of 10 registered US Patents, and his firm, Enventys, is responsible for the development and filing of well over 700 more.
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Head shot of Mark Russell

Mark Russell
Senior Strategy Executive and Consultant

For help with business models + strategy, reach out to Mark! He is well versed in the Lean Startup Methodology and thinks all startups should complete the Lean Canvas.
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David Nason
HireBrain Founder + Global HR Leader

Discuss any and all things related to people, crisis management, remote working, recruiting + hiring.
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Headshot of Steve Kaliski

Steve Kaliski
Theatre Professor + Public Speaking Coach

Steve can help you deliver authentic, organized, and confident presentations in online and in-person spaces.
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Cynthia Beiler
Consultant + Fractional CRO

Discuss creative sales strategies designed to accelerate profitable growth.
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Journalists are telling the story of the COVID-19 pandemic with stunningly informative maps and charts. In this interactive workshop, you will learn how to load spreadsheet data into the free and powerful data science software called R, and make your own maps and charts, similar to those you see in the New York Times. No matter what your field of study or work, you can benefit from better charts and graphs!. 

Intro to Social Media Marketing

Tuesday, July 7
7PM – 8:30PM

If you’re looking to enhance your social media presence — this is the class for you! Whether you already have a few accounts or are a social media novice, this class will dive into how to strategically use the main social media platforms to market yourself or your business. We’ll discuss best practices, social media strategies, and how to create a content calendar.

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 In this introduction to WordPress, we’ll look at the basic building blocks of WordPress, learn how to work with the Gutenberg editor, custom CSS within a theme, and utilize plugins, to make your WordPress site look and function the way you intend. Please come with a WordPress site you want to work on. 

How To Collaborate With Each Other (From Afar)

Local events (gone virtual!)

Packard Place Public House

Every Wednesday

4:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Connect with entrepreneurs, investors
and other professionals in our startup ecosystem.
All via Zoom! (BYOB)


September 24, 2020

5 PM – 7:30 PM

In September, Charlotte Inno will host the State of Innovation Meetup. The State of Innovation meetups focus on a specific industry, category, theme or individual and will feature a keynote, fireside chat, panel, pitch, demo or a combination of the five.

Pitch Breakfast: IDEA Pitch

July 9, 2020

9 AM – 10:30 AM

IDEA Pitch is a special format for PitchBreakfast hosted with our colleagues at IDEA Fund Partners. IDEA Fund Partners is one of the most active seed and early-stage venture investors in NC and throughout the Southeast. More details to come so stay tuned! 


The Hurt Hub@Davidson is partnering with Charlotte Inno and other startup ecosystem partners in our region to provide virtual resources to entrepreneurs at this time. For the most up to date list of resources, please refer to Charlotte Inno.

Online Communities

Join the Flywheel Davidson Slack team – connect with Flywheel Coworking members you typically see at The Hurt Hub every day!

Join the LaunchLKN Slack team – connect with the broader Charlotte/Lake Norman technology and startup ecosystem!

Making the most of WFH

As we transition to a world where WFH is the norm,

here are a few articles we found helpful:

How to Work From Home, if You’ve Never Done It Before (New York Times)

5 Tips for Staying Productive and Mentally Healthy While You’re Working From Home (Time Magazine)

The Verge Guide To Working at Home (The Verge)


If you want to offer a virtual service or have an idea for a virtual event, please reach out to Emma Balin at

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