Consulting, analytics, and tutoring services

Consulting, analytics, and tutoring services

Based in The Hurt Hub@Davidson, Data CATS supports students, faculty and staff in data analytics work. We’re here to answer all your data analytics and statistics questions. From class assignments to research to business analytics, our services are free for Davidson students, faculty, and staff, and on a contract basis with local companies. We can help at any stage of your research or project, from translating ideas into data-focused questions to collecting, organizing, analyzing, visualizing, and interpreting data.

Open Office Hours

Sunday – Thursday, 2 – 4 pm and 7 – 9 pm
The Hurt Hub, Forest Systems Room (212)

Drop-in tutoring sessions and consulting available onsite during office hours.

Faculty & Student consultants

Experienced faculty student consultants are available to tutor across a wide range of data science topics and software, especially data analytics, data visualization, and building dashboards.

Meet the Faculty Consultants

Brittany Murray

Assistant Professor of Educational Studies and Political Science
Specializes in K-12 Education, Politics of Education, School Racial Inequality, and Mixed Methods. I am excited to bring my interdisciplinary research specialization into the classroom at Davidson College! 
Available: Mondays 2-4p

Shyam Gouri Suresh

Associate Professor of Economics

Specializes in International Trade, International Migration, Macroeconomics, Simulation Modeling, and Economics and Ethics. I love to foster critical thinking in and out of the classroom and I host Econversations – a weekly informal discussion forum that takes a deep dive into economics-related topics.

Available: Tuesday 2-4p

Jonad Pulaj

Assistant Professor Of Mathematics And Computer Science

Specializes in Combinatorial Optimization, Experimental Mathematics, and Operations Research.  I consider myself a dedicated educational guide and am committed to active learning and collaboration as well as diversity and inclusion.

Available: Wednesdays 2:30-4p

Besir Ceka

Associate Professor of Political Science

Specializes in European Politics and International Relations. I teach a variety of courses at Davidson, including Research Methods in Political Science. I am happy to help you with research design, data analysis, and visualization. In terms of software, I am most comfortable with Stata.

Available: Thursdays 2-4p

Meet the Student Consultants

Tahmid Awal headshot

Tahmid Awal

Physics/Computer Science

Specializes in data analysis, data visualization and scientific research. Most proficient in Python and JavaScript.

Alexander Donald headshot

Alexander Donald

Specializes in data analysis and data visualization. Proficient in Python, Power BI, and R with additional knowledge about databases and other programming languages. 

Jordan eisenman


Specializes in data engineering — data scraping, automated data collection, APIs, databases, data lake, cloud technologies, git, GitHub, machine learning, some deep learning. Software: python, BI, SQL, git, Excel, and very basic R.

Oma Hameed

Computer Science Major, Data Science Minor

Specializes in data science, data analysis, data visualization, and scientific research. Proficient in Python, Excel, LaTeX. 

Richard Hu


Specializes in statistical data analysis and econometrics with proficient experience in Stata and R tidyverse. 

Davin Lim

Economics/Computer Science

Specializes in data analysis. Most proficient in Python and R.

Donald Lin


Specializes in Python and Excel, and have a decent amount of exposure to reinforcement learning and Jupyter lab as well.

Niya Ma

Computer Science/Math

Specializes in modeling and data analysis. Most proficient in Python data libraries, JavaScript/TypeScript, with knowledge in R, Excel, and Julia.

Tyler Ramsey

Computer Science

Specializes in Excel and Python, special interest in cyber security and automation.

Dvij Sharma

Physics Major, East Asian Studies Minor

Specializes in data analysis, scientific research and computational physics. Most proficient in Python.

Kishan Vyas headshot

Kishan Vyas

Computer Science/Economics

Specializes in data analysis, data models, and data visualization. Most proficient in R with sufficient knowledge in Excel and Python as well.

Eric Xu

Philosophy/Computer Science

Specializes in data visualization using D3 and javascript. I am also familiar with Java, Python, C++. And I can do data analysis using machine learning skills supported by sklearn package of python.

Grace Smith headshot

Grace Smith (she/her)

Computer Science

Specializes in statistics, data analysis, and data visualization. Most proficient in Python, R, Excel, SQL and D3.js.

Maxine Tang headshot

Maxine Tang

Computer Science

Specializes in data analysis and data visualization. Most proficient in JavaScript, Python and C++.

Data Lab Director

Kimbrough Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science

My interests are in bioinformatics and data science for social justice. I have expertise in probability and statistics, mathematical modeling, data visualization and cluster analysis. I work primarily in R and Python. 


Contact Dr. Laurie Heyer, Data Lab Director, Kimbrough Professor of Mathematics and Chair of Genomics

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