Z Spools Reflection 9

Although this week included Easter Break, it feels busier than any other. Considering my

dedication to Dance Ensemble — with me performing in four pieces, three of which I am

choreographing myself — I have not been able to dedicate all of the time I wished to Z Spools.

Now that I am reflecting on my work, I realize that I greatly overburdened myself with other

activities that I care much about but play no role in my academic pursuits. It also did not help

that my laptop got a virus this week and, for this reason, was out of commission. Next semester, I

will have to pay more attention to this tendency of mine as to avoid any unnecessary stress.


This is not to say that I did not accomplish anything this week. I was able to do a bit of

reflection regarding my work with Z Spools. Such reflection focused mainly on how I will use

my remaining Avinger Funds. While I do need to use funding for filament testing (mainly

transparency and strength testing) such services are quite expensive — upwards of $2,000. My

utility patent will already cost me approximately $3,000, so I will need to be a bit frugal with my

spending. While I do have the option of seeking angel funding — more particularly angel

funding or sponsorship from Filabot — I risk loosing 100% ownership of Z Spools and its

intellectual property.


Not just this, but to be completely honest, I feel as if I am loosing excitement with my

work with Z Spools. Do I want to invest much more money into a project that I am not as excited

about? I think talking to Filabot may help with this decrease in Z Spools charisma. During our

interview for a blog post, I foresee our conversation reigniting my curiosity for 3D printing. I

look forward to this as I further this relationship with Z Spools.

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