The safety data sheet for calcium carbonate

Z Spools Reflection 7

This week, there were three things on my mind: my Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA),

my Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), and my Venture Pitch Application. The first task I have

managed to secure thanks to the help of Nathaniel Lucek at Hodgson Russ, a law firm in Buffalo,

NY with which I have completed legal work the summer of 2017. In summary, the Non-

Disclosure Agreement states that any information I share with Filabot cannot be shared with

other parties without my permission nor can it be claimed as their own work. After a phone

conversation with costumer service last week, Filabot agreed to sign the document. So after I

received the drafted document from Hodgson Russ, I emailed Filabot the document to sign.

Now, I wait for the signed document to be returned through email as to proceed with the “Plastic

Extrusion Testing Service.”


The second document I must send to Filabot is a Material Safety Data Sheet. Fortunately,

I know that zebra and quagga mussel shells consist of calcium carbonate; so, as Allen Stowe

informed me during a meeting this week, all I have to so it find a Calcium Carbonate Safety Data

Sheet online and send this to Filabot. Below are excerpts of the MSDS I will send to Filabot once

I receive the signed NDA.


Last but certainly not least, I am in the process of applying for the Venture Fund Pitch

here on campus. If accepted, I will have the chance to win up to $25,000 to use for filament

testing and, of course, a utility patent. Next week, I will hear of the results; so until then, I keep

moving forward.

Z Spools Data Safety Sheet

Z Spools Data Safety Sheet Section 2

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