A timeline of Z Spools from March 2017-August 2018

Z Spools Reflection 3

This week, I planned to complete a run through of a lab during which I would find the

percentage of calcium carbonate in a select collection of zebra and quagga mussel shells. I used a

method of titration for this data collection; after setting up the lab in a space in Wall, I found that

my high school chemistry experience had faded and, in short, I had no idea what I was doing. I

decided to put a hold on the lab as to regroup with my academic advisor. After reviewing the

processes making the needed solutions for titration, I decided to postpone the lab work until the

week after spring break.


I am a bit disappointed, but I need to remember that I cannot do everything. I am an entrepreneur

first and a scientist second — if at all. As a woman with great ambition, I tend to get myself into

such situations where I feel overwhelmed and have to reach out to others for help — through

these bumpy experiences not only do I persist and persevere, but I also form strong relationships

along way.


Such an experience occurred this weekend at the Davidson Black Alumni Network (DBAN)

Reunion. This event occurred on February 16th and 17th during which I met many supportive

Black Davidson Alumni. During a Davidson Innovation and Entrepreneurship panel, I was able

to pitch my Z Spools endeavor to an audience of like minded alumni — the accompanying visual

of which is shown below.

Lorena's timeline for Z Spools from March 2107 to August 2018

After my aforementioned failure of the past week, it was an invigorating experience; I received

great words of encouragement. Sometimes, I find that I am so busy with work that I do not

realize the extent of my accomplishments. It was great to momentarily experience this sense of

pride, a feeling that helped me look to the future. Let’s not dwell on a short falls of last week;

instead, let’s think “what’s next, what else do we need to accomplish to reach our goals?”


Well, here are a couple of things, after making connections with a materials scientist and patent

lawyer at the DBAN reunion, I look to run my patent drafts and methods of extrusion by these

professionals. This is something to look forward to in the upcoming week as I head towards the

mid-point of this semester.

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