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[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]This fall, The Hurt Hub@Davidson launched Gig-Hub — an exchange where Davidson students and startups/companies can connect on short-term real-world projects for pay: you know, a gig! Julie Goff ‘05, General Manager of The Hurt Hub, was inspired to start Gig-Hub in response to the needs expressed by both students and businesses.

“We know Davidson students don’t have a ton of time for professional experience on top of full course loads, nor do they take on semester-long internships. However, students still need opportunities to demonstrate their skills.” Goff stresses, “How many students do you know that drive to Charlotte twice a week for an internship? Probably zero.”

With little time to take on formal internships, Davidson students miss out on valuable skills-based experience. Yet, students have always been motivated to earn money via short-term jobs; perhaps they pick up work as babysitters, tutors or baristas. Gig-Hub now allows students to allocate that same time to work that is more relevant to future careers and lives post-Davidson.

Meanwhile, companies are in need of more qualified individuals to work on short-term projects. “The world is moving away from 9-to-5 jobs with a 40-year commitment to the same company,” Goff explains, “Now, especially in the tech industry, jobs have become more project-based.”

Entrepreneurs often approach Goff looking for students to take on skill-specific work. Sometimes they need someone to take on 30 hours of research and development or hourly client support. Before now, faculty and staff had no seamless way of connecting interested companies to students with the right skills for short-term projects.

The Hurt Hub team decided the best way to meet the needs of both companies and students was to create Gig-Hub. Through Gig-Hub, students can get exposure to the professional world and companies can have access to motivated Davidson College students to work on real-time projects. Goff believes Gig-Hub will mold these two needs together “in a frictionless process that will be easy for both the student and the startup, or innovative company.”

Students can apply for Gig-Hub through Handshake. Students apply for up to 8 separate “skill pools” based on qualifications and experience. When a company comes to The Hurt Hub@Davidson with a specific project, The Hurt Hub will connect with students from most applicable skill pool to let them know about the opportunity. Any available student in that pool can either accept or decline the project. If the student accepts, The Hurt Hub will send the student’s information and resume to the company to conduct interviews. The Hurt Hub then assists students with setting up online payments to streamline the hiring process for both the student and the hiring company.

All in all, Gig-Hub is a new opportunity for students and companies to collaborate in a way that is effective and useful for both parties. Don’t miss your opportunity to get involved and check out our website for more information about Gig-Hub! Students, read about the Gig-Hub and join us for a 30-minute information session. Companies, submit a project to the Gig-Hub on our website.

By Lucy Fasano ’21, Resident Storyteller at The Hurt Hub.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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