A wall with The Jay Hurt Hub's values painted on

To Our Community

Dear Hurt Hub community,

Today, we acknowledge the unrest and pain in our community and our country, stemming from systemic racism and police brutality. This past week, our team has reflected upon our collective responsibility and duty to respond with action. In that process, we returned to our values, posted on the wall above our coworking desks:
Our strength is in our community.
Our passion is impact.
Our drive is to accelerate.

Respect diversity of all kinds.
Make friends, not contacts.
Believe in giving, not taking.
Help others before helping ourselves.
Listen before advising.
Celebrate success and failure.
Never stop learning.

Innovation exists where diversity of culture, age, origin, gender, experience and perspective collide to test our limits and push our boundaries.

Today we reaffirm these values as we stand in solidarity with Black, Indigenous, and people of color members of our community: students, colleagues, coworking members and local residents. We admit these values are only a start, and there is more work to do to become the community we aspire to be. It is not enough to respect diversity of all kindsas an engine of innovation; we must actively and loudly condemn racism, and the acts of discrimination and violence spawned by it, as utterly reprehensible and unacceptable. We pledge to never stop learning, and to listen before advising, as we educate ourselves, examine our own structures and practices, and work toward a more just and welcoming community.

Our strength is in our community. 

As a community, The Hurt Hub@Davidson is committed to diversity, equality, and inclusivity. We believe that while intentionality is important, actions speak louder than words. To that end, The Hurt Hub@Davidson is committed to: partnering with organizations, leaders and financial supporters who affirm these same priorities of diversity; building diversity and inclusion into all programs, events and services we provide; and increasing diversity among those we serve and who serve.

As we continue to resume our normal operations over the course of this year, we will host opportunities for community discussions including round tables, lunch and learns, and more. We encourage you to join us in doing this necessary work for as long as it takes, knowing we can’t solve the problem overnight.

We welcome your ideas, suggestions and ongoing dialogue about how we can continue to make The Hurt Hub@Davidson a diverse and affirming community for everyone. 

With hope,
The Hurt Hub team
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