Pasta ‘Cuz: Week 4

We are officially three serving weeks into Pasta ‘Cuz! Leading up to this week, we were focused on the hard needs of creating a company. Since we felt we addressed our three goals of bigger portions, faster delivery, and including a fork last week; this week we turned to the legal issues of creating Pasta ‘Cuz, the company. We put in hours of research on LLCs, a full day of business boot camp provided by the Innovation and Entrepreneurship office, and research to find a licensed kitchen space – all while juggling midterms. The good and bad news is we are now in the waiting game and can’t do anymore to help our company. We have to wait to hear back from North Carolina on our status as an LLC and hope to hear from the auxiliary services of Davidson College to potentially base our business out of Summit Outpost Coffee Shop. It was a nice return to the simplicity of making pasta on Wednesday night. Operations and delivery were smoother than ever before. Our team, including our amazing delivery staff, have figured out how to be efficient and make delicious pasta! Since we had less orders than last week (and opening week), we hope to redirect efforts back into marketing after we come back from spring break. Creating new posters and an Instagram should get the word out to more people and result in a growth of customers. Overall, it was a great success. We are happy to take a week off, but can’t wait to come back to school and jump into week 5!

-Grace Leonhardt

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