Pasta ‘Cuz: Week 3

This was our second week of delivering for Pasta ‘Cuz.  Our three main goals for the week were to have larger portion sizes, faster delivery, and make sure that each serving came with a fork.  We started our week by trying to figure out what we could do to appease any of the upset customers that we had from the first week.  We knew that the way we presented our business wasn’t what we wanted, and we needed to take steps towards ensuring our customers that we held ourselves to a higher standard.  After talking it over with a few of our advisers, we decided to email every person who put in an order during our first week and offer them 50% off a serving of pasta in the coming week.  We carefully drafted an email explaining ourselves and making the offer.  When Wednesday night came, we began cooking pasta at 4pm.  We cooked 15 servings ahead of time.  We went back to the kitchen at 9pm and started cooking again.  At 10pm, we started taking orders and we began to prep those servings.  To keep them warm, we put the boxes in the oven on a low heat.  Our delivery people showed up around 10:45 and we had steady business for about 120 minutes from 10-12am.  We were really careful to make sure that every portion was large, quickly delivered, and had a fork.  We ended up with just over 50 orders, 20 of which we think were people using the $2.50 deal.  All in all, we have gotten a good response from people.  Our biggest challenges now are navigating the legal side of the business while maintained good execution and quality of our product. We are really happy with how our second week of serving pasta went and are intrigued to see what interest we will get next week.

-Maggie Spiller

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