Earrings from Be Good Jewelry Company

Introducing Be Good Jewelry Company

Team Name: Be Good Jewelry Company


  • Megan Goodling (megangoodling.com
  • Kat Seitz

How We Got Here: Be Good Jewelry Company was started in the Davidson College Maker Space with a simple vision and big goals, and has grown to have a presence on campus among students, organizations, and at Main Street Books. Through hard work, a fun marketing campaign, and a custom design format, Be Good has become

What We Do: Be Good makes custom laser cut earrings and jewelry using sustainable raw materials. We focus on sustainability, ethical production and custom designs with lots of consumer feedback.

Where We’re Going/What’s to Come: Be Good will hopefully be featured in more stores around Davidson. Two next bigs steps include holiday designs and, next semester, Big/Little reveal themed earrings as well. We will soon start producing a necklace line as well.

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