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News of Davidson is a nonprofit website for news and information about Davidson and its environs for the people who live and work here — and those who wish they did.

You will find tips and thoughts from our columnists, see some news items, and discover the Distinguished Davidsonians feature. The columns, Random Acts of Kindness and Voices of Davidson, are tailored for contributions from our citizens about happenings in their own lives.

We hope that readers will visit often to find news, sports highlights, topical columns from community neighbors, information from nonprofit agencies, and an integrated calendar of key community events and dates.

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We offer an easy option to sign up for our email notifications on our main page. We typically send out two emails a week, to avoid email clutter. One email is a summary of the articles we have posted over the previous week, the second email is called “Ready, Set, Weekend in Davidson.” It is a quick summary of events taking place in Davidson.

We are especially happy to be founding members of the Hurt Hub@Davidson. We look upon this great place as an incubator of ideas and stories that should appear on our site! Please get in touch with us so that we can tell the community about your special projects and business ideas.

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News of Davidson Board of Directors:  David Batty, Jane Campbell, Stephanie Glaser, Catherine Hamilton-Genson, Ruby Houston, Cindy Jones, Meg Kimmel, Bill Giduz, Pat Stinson, Connie Wessner, and Marguerite Williams

News of Davidson Editorial Board:  Jane Campbell (Sports), Bill Giduz (News), Meg Kimmel (Co-Editor), Marguerite Williams (Co-Editor)

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