Blog Post 5

A lot has happened these past two weeks. The biggest thing was the revelation made to us by our lawyer, Lyle. He informed us that our company/group name NXT LVL ENT was already being used by other companies, specifically BET. As a result, our brand was no longer secure and we would have to change our name. It was unexpected but something we should’ve seen coming. After brainstorming and researching we came up with a new name for our company and group, Trilla G ENT. We talked to Lyle and he told us that this name was safe to use so we’ll be pooling our resources together to pay for the trademark fees. We’ll announce our new name officially at the beginning of our senior year.

We had our big artist meeting with the potential prospects during Easter Break and it went great. Everyone was excited and they respected our vision. After talking with them individually and addressing their concerns we got them to agree to join our collective; so now our team is 10 members strong. We’ve finalized our budget and now the Phase 2 money from the Failure Fund is on the way and we’ll be allocating that money towards paying for the trademark fees. Last but not least, we’ve sold the majority of our Nxt Lvl Inventory. We only have a handful of shirts left and we aim to sell the rest within these next two weeks.

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