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Blog Post 5

We’re on facebook! And instagram! I’m still in a little bit of an editing backlog on posts but I have a few more that are just about ready and a few more in the works. To make sure staying up to date on social media is manageable I’m going to carve out time to come up with a bunch of posts to archive: some witty tweets, images to share, etc, and take the time to write a really thoughtful instagram bio and introductory post. I realized that even though I have my “about page” on the site, translating to social media is different and will take time.

One of my biggest concerns right now is consistency. I am spending a lot of time on each individual post (as, I think, I should be), and there is no way I’m going to be able to generate new content quickly, as much as I might like to. I don’t want to get people to my page and then have them forget about it because the gaps between posts are too long, so I’m working on ideas to fill the gaps.

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