Blog Post 4

The past couple of weeks have been super productive. We received our order of 50 shirts from UTEES. Before we started selling them, we applied for and got approved as an LLC through the LegalZoom website. We announced that we were selling shirts to the campus and over the past 4 days we have sold over half of our inventory. Our customers have paid with cash and venmo and we’ve kept a record of all of our transactions. We found a website domain provider through GoDaddy that we will launch once we’ve received the Phase 2 funds. We’ve also set up a PayPal account for mobile transactions and a Twitter account.

We’ve also done research on other brand items. We’ve been looking into new shirts and stickers to help increase the spread of our brand. We’ll have the exact prices from our Utees rep soon. Our artists are also currently working on new designs for future merchandise. The budget has been updated save for the exact prices of the stickers and transportation costs. Finally, we were able to successfully apply for the Davidson Venture Fund Competition and will find out tomorrow if we’ve been accepted as finalists. Things are moving smoothly and we’re confident we’ll be able to sell all 50 shirts and create more buzz for future products.

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