Blog Post 4

The site is up and running with images! After getting feedback from a friend on what worked and didn’t work, I have fine-tuned what I’m calling my “snarky kindergartener aesthetic.” While I’ll keep honing the image style as I hone the content style, I am happy with the current images and I now feel that the site is strong enough to begin actively recruiting readership. I am still facing some technical difficulties (such as getting the featured images to format the way I want them, rather than taking up more than a screen length in size), but these are small bumps in the road that can be worked out smoothly and with time. Early last week, I had the honor of being invited to speak to Dr. Shireen Campbell’s professional writing class, which is the course in which I initially started blogging about economics. I spoke to them both about developing the blog and the process of applying for grants and writing proposals. In the coming weeks, I’m looking toward shifting my focus away from content and web development and toward more general web presence: facebook, twitter, instagram, SEO and etc.

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