Blog Post 2

In the past two weeks NXT LVL ENT has made significant progress. We’ve met with the UTees representative and we gave him our finalized design and learned that the shirts were cheaper than we originally thought. We made inquiries about other items of clothing that we can order in the future in addition to shirts; items like baseball caps, sweatpants, long-sleeve shirts and stickers for laptops. We’ve received a preview of the shirts and once we make a small tweak to the font we’ll put in the order for the first batch of shirts.

We also had a conference call with Matt Loftus and Kevin Hubbard, the Davidson alumni and founders of Rhoback. We had a really good conversation about what we mistakes we need to avoid, how to generate interest for our merchandise and stay competitive in this business. They pointed us to websites they use for making online sales and they also told us about legal steps we need to take to be able to sell merchandise in North Carolina. It was a very productive conversation.

So now that we have our design finalized, the next step is to order the shirts. We’ll send out surveys and find out how interested the student body is in our shirt. We’ll also begin to let people know that merchandise is coming through our social media accounts and upcoming shows to get people hype about our new product.

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