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In these past couple weeks, we put an emphasis on customer discovery in which we utilized Survey Monkey to create a survey that would help us understand how our brand, logo, and shirt designs resonate with potential consumers. In order to receive this feedback, we created a social media presence through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, allowing us to connect with the Davidson community and share the surveys. We plan to continue utilizing survey monkey as well as posting on social media to create awareness of our company.

We were also able to meet with a mentor, Rory Laney, a key account manager for Teva, who will help guide us through this process. Our first meeting with him was very productive and we got a lot of good information and advice from him.

Currently we are working to finalize both the website through Wix and our merchandise through Threadbird. We have decided to purchase long sleeve shirts since its winter, and because we can sell them for slightly more than regular short sleeve t-shirts We’re also contacting people to potentially write the initial stories that we will launch the website with.

Our next steps are meeting with a lawyer team to learn more about the legal implications of creating a brand and selling merchandise, trying to connect with local lifestyle brands in Charlotte & Davidson for feedback/advice on what we’re doing, and looking into contacting Threadbird to discuss shirt design and order of shirts.

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