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In addition to being the proud owner of my own domain, it is now equipped for wordpress hosting. I’m already running into some of the easy mistakes for a new developer. My ‘free’ extra domain that came with purchasing hosting services meant that my personal information was available in the domain owners database unless I paid for privacy. I’m now, thankfully, rid of the extra “free” domain, my information is no longer public, the emails and phone calls from developers have stopped, and I know a little bit more about the world behind the world wide web.

As I was dealing with all of this, one of my finals was actually to build my own personal domain, which dovetailed nicely with my considerations and experimentations regarding econically. I’ve realized that econically should have a very personal stamp from me, and I’m even toying with the idea that the persona should actually be more casual than my personal site. I want the econically content to feel easy to read and connect to, as compared to a page that is meant to be viewed by potential employers and has to have a different type of polish. The reader audience isn’t looking for the same things and that gives me a lot of freedom to take risks. I’m also excited about the web building. For a while, I’ve been hesitant because I didn’t want to commit to a theme before I was sure of all of the details. I’ve since realized that, thanks to Davidson resources, I can build a subdomain through my Davidson domains account and test out the themes we have institutional access to before building on my site.

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