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Sabria Jackson & Belle Mckissick Staley – Try-it Fund Winners

The Try It Fund is a grant competition that awards Davidson students with up to $1,000 to pursue a creative or innovative idea. We fund for-profit ventures, so your project must make money by selling a product, idea, or service. We realize you are going to make mistakes when attempting something you’ve never done before. Failure is part of the creative process, and we want you to take risks, try new ideas, learn how to quickly recognize what doesn’t work and pivot onto something that does.

Sabria Jackson — The Kundalini Crystal Shop

Sabria Jackson is a senior a double psychology and africana studies major. As a recipient of a Try-It fund grant, Sabria is funding her crystal shop that sells hand-crafted copper wire-wrapped crystal jewelry pieces. Crystals are known for their healing powers, but can sometimes feel inaccessible to those who don’t know a lot about crystal practices. Sabria’s shop is for those well-versed in crystals and those interested in learning more, and the pieces are “only made with love, but are also saturated with good intentions,” says Jackson.

Jackson took time during quarantine to learn about crystals and jewelry making. She experimented with creating her own pieces, which are mostly inspired my natural colors and qualities. Her wire-wrapping techniques have transformed as she becomes more experienced in jewelry making.

If you’re interested in purchasing crystals or connecting with Sabria, check out her Etsy and her Instagram.

Belle Mckissick Staley — Jeffery and Belle Bread Co.

Belle Mckissick Staley is a first year at Davidson and while her majors might be a little hazy, her entrepreneurial spirit is clear. Mckissick Staley is interested in double majoring in Chemistry and Studio, which she describes as a “perfect leeway combo into pastry school.” Which is where her entrepreneurial passions lie.

Mckissick Staley has an innovative idea – bread on wheels! As a sourdough bread maker, Mckissick Staley wants to have a portable method for selling bread, birthday cakes, and seasonal baked goods. Currently, Mckissick Staley has a sourdough starter she has named ‘Jeffrey.’ The starter has “enabled me to understand so many ideas, beliefs, and people around me.”

The Try-It fund is helping Mckissick Staley expand and practice her craft. As a first-year living on campus, finding an oven can be tricky, but Mckissick Staley has contacted a local restaurant that has agreed to let her use their bread oven. She hopes to start a weekly bread subscription and begin to document her and Jeffrey’s journey. Interested in following along? Follow Jeffery and Belle Bread Co. on Instagram.

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