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Carson Crochet & the Comfort of a
Naked Mole-Rat

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A Quick Overview

After having the initial idea for the venture that would become CA’Buddy, Carson reached out to the Hurt Hub@Davidson to get to work. She received an initial grant which propelled her into life at the Hurt Hub. After connecting with Liz Brigham, Carson gained even more mentors, to help with web design, financial modeling, and more. 

The big question on everyone’s mind: where’s that $25,000 going? Carson has big plans for her winnings. Part of the funds will be going towards product development and the research and design process behind her product. Carson is also in the process of developing a picture book to go along with a buddy. Carson hopes to create a book to explain the diagnosis of cancer through the eyes of a naked mole rat, making a difficult process easier for younger cancer patients. Carson also plans on adding more people to her team, getting storage space for her current products (that’s not her dorm room), and focusing some efforts on marketing and audience research.  

Although Carson would love to dive into CA’Buddy full time after graduation, that’s not immediately possible. Eventually, Carson wants to return to school to get a dual degree – a Masters in Divinity and an MBA to continue with CA’Buddy. While CA’Buddy is currently for-profit, the goal, eventually, will be to transition to a non-profit organization. The Hurt Hub is incredibly proud of Carson and all her hard work, and we can’t wait to see where she and CA’Buddy go from here!  

Be sure to check out and follow CA’Buddy on Instagram @cabuddyclub.

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