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A Swimmer & A Football Player Walk into the Hurt Hub

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Davidson really taught me how to look at any problem and come up with a solution. It’s made me versatile if anything else.

A Quick Overview

Many people think they know exactly what they’re meant to do right out of college. Through his time on the football team, keeping him on track for academic success, Chris Trinetti graduated from Davidson in 2014 with a major in economics. Chris had his eye on investment banking, so he went for it. After a bit of time in the field, Chris became interested in technology and a more “people-facing role.” Chris moved to Chicago where he got involved with the cloud technology space. After, Chris branched out on his own and moved in consulting and advising different types of organizations, from start-ups to nonprofits. 

When asked about advice for Davidson students after college, Chris hesitates, “I’m not ready for this question yet,” he claims. Even so, Chris recommends self-awareness and taking stock of who you are and what you’re really good at. As someone who initially followed the expected career path, and not necessarily the career path he truly wanted, taking that big step back can be difficult, but as seen through Chris, is doable. Ask yourself the big questions now and check in with who you really are and where your values lie. 

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