Shea Parikh ‘16


Louis Foreman, Enventys Partners
John Goocher, Kidron Capital Advisors
Chris Langford, Lowe’s Ventures

We believe that there’s a crisis of connection happening in today’s workplace. Companies are scrambling to attract and retain the best talent as they know employees are asking for more than just the responsibilities outlined in their titles but a vision they can get behind and people they love to work alongside. Currently, there are no solutions that help companies facilitate more human connection in the workplace at scale.

Jam works by integrating directly into an organization’s calendar system and intelligently schedules face-to-face connections between employees. Employers look to Jam to help new employees feel welcomed on their first day, remote employees feel better connected to the rest of the team, and employees in different departments learn new skills from one another. Jam does all of this while providing comprehensive data that helps business leaders make more informed decision on how to better invest in their people.

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