Lauren Lu ’16 & Jacqueline Shiu ‘16


Chelsie Corbett, Corvos Labs + Venture Studio
Bob Guth, Independent Director
Josh McKinney, Ekos
Robert Taylor, Bray Ventures

Foods2Fight is a personalized mobile health app that allows cancer patients to take control of their diet and nutrition during and after treatments. We are committed to giving back what matters the most: your energy, time, and health.

Nutrition plays a vital role in fighting cancer. Both the illness and its treatments can change the taste of food and how the body uses nutrients. Almost 50% of cancer patients who receive chemotherapy and radiation therapy experience taste changes where their favorite foods can taste metallic or even lose its taste. Foods2Fight follows each individual’s food journey and helps patients maintain their nutrition during their battle by recommending recipes and foods based on their appetite and food preferences.

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