Julie Goff ’05

General Manager
Davidson College

“The power of the liberal arts brought to bear in a place like The Hurt Hub? The potential is limitless.”

Erin Moreau

Operations Manager
Davidson College

“There is an energy here that sparks when campus and community are learning and working together.”

Laurie Heyer

Faculty Director
Davidson College

“I’m excited to support the Davidson College culture of educational innovation by connecting students and faculty with entrepreneurs, mentors and industry partners at The Hurt Hub.”

Peter Marsh

Flywheel Coworking

“A vibrant member community, an intentionally designed space and a unique program offering: innovation and collaboration can’t help but happen here.”

Zee Holmes

Community Manager
Flywheel Coworking

“Interesting entrepreneurs and professionals from all different walks of life come through our doors everyday. I’m always learning something new.”

Adrian Smith

Program Director
Flywheel Coworking

“Curiosity drives both entrepreneurship and academic success. Combining higher learning with an entrepreneurial coworking space, students have opportunity to explore curiosity through innovation.”

Erica Madden

Executive Director

“Everyone here has different skills and aspirations, but they are all deeply curious and driven to challenge the status quo. Every conversation becomes a learning opportunity and unveils countless opportunities for collaboration that will influence our community (and world) in ways we can’t yet imagine.”

The Hub Herd

Our Student Team @ The Hurt Hub

In addition to our full-time staff, The Hurt Hub team includes 10 Davidson College students who are integral to the work we do. They connect with community members, support events and programming, and showcase stories sprouting from our Hurt Hub community, via print, digital, video and social media.

ermoreauOUR TEAM