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Entrepreneurship Ambassador responsibilities include:

  • Working with Davidson’s Director of Innovation & Entrepreneurship to identify/cultivate internships in startups and innovation-oriented companies (3-8 per hub);
  • Organizing 3 meetups with the interns throughout the summer. These can be meals, educational opportunities or workshops, tour of local companies, or alumni/externally-facing events;
  • Serving as a mentor and connector for the interns;
  • Managing a budget of $150/student to use for meetups, 1:1 meetings, or other events.

Ideal characteristics of an Entrepreneurship Ambassador include:

  • Davidson alumni or parent;
  • Active entrepreneur;
  • Connected to the entrepreneurial community;
  • Active network builder and connector;
  • Genuinely interested in the student learning experience and building relationships with students.

Entrepreneurship Ambassadors will benefit in the following ways:

  • Expand and deepen their own network of entrepreneurial companies;
  • Gain visibility for their work through the Davidson Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative newsletter and other college communications;
  • Enjoy meaningful mentor relationships with Davidson students;
  • Build stronger ties to the Davidson alumni network in their cities.
ermoreauLooking for Alumni Ambassadors

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