for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
at Davidson College

for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
at Davidson College

Kishan Vyas

Kishan Vyas ’24: Bridging the Gap Between Surplus Food and Those Who Desperately Need It with NoWaste:

According to Feeding America, every day, 295 million pounds of food go uneaten in the United States. This equates to approximately 357 million meals being wasted. Simultaneously, more than 34 million people, including 9 million children, face food insecurity. Recognizing this glaring discrepancy, Kishan Vyas ‘24, envisioned NoWaste, a mobile application designed to bridge the gap between surplus food and those who desperately need it.

NoWaste’s mission is straightforward yet profound: ensure that food gets eaten, especially by those who need it most, rather than ending up in the trash. The app connects consumers to excess food from businesses – offering it either for free or at a discounted price. By simply opening the app, users can view nearby businesses with surplus food and place orders for pickup. This solution not only helps those struggling with food insecurity but also aids businesses in reducing waste and contributing to their communities.

Kishan’s primary target demographic includes individuals from low-income backgrounds and those experiencing food insecurity. However, NoWaste is open to everyone, with a goal of making the app as accessible as possible through strategic marketing efforts. Furthermore, Kishan aims to involve local food pantries, homeless shelters, and organizations dedicated to helping the underprivileged. 

On the commercial side, businesses can register on NoWaste to post their discounted or free excess food. Kishan’s vision is to develop a strong local user base and expand outward, eventually creating a nationwide impact.

Kishan’s journey with NoWaste has been supported by his involvement at the Hurt Hub for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Davidson College. His previous experience in founding and exiting a business has equipped him with the resilience and knowledge needed to navigate the challenges of launching a startup.

Participating in the Avinger Impact Fund has been a pivotal moment for Kishan and NoWaste. The fund provided the essential feedback to bring this innovative solution to life. As Kishan Vyas continues to develop NoWaste, he exemplifies the spirit of innovation and Impact that the Avinger Impact Fund seeks to support. His work not only addresses critical societal issues but also inspires others to think creatively about how they can contribute to a better future.

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