Failure Fund

Rolling Applications

The Failure Fund is a grant competition that awards Davidson students with up to $1,000 to pursue a creative or innovative idea. We fund for-profit ventures, so your project must make money by selling a product, idea, or service. We realize you are going to make mistakes when attempting something you’ve never done before. Failure is part of the creative process, and we want you to take risks, try new ideas, learn how to quickly recognize what doesn’t work and pivot onto something that does.

The Finer Print

Upon accepting the award, you must consent to make substantial progress towards your goal within 7 weeks, attend an orientation meeting, have regular check-ins, document and reflect upon the creative process, and give an on-campus presentation on what was learned from the process.

Failure Fund Recipients

You will see from the stories below that there isn’t one type of project that we are looking for. We want creativity. Take a responsible risk. Make something sustainable. Be passionate.