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Impact on People

The Hurt Hub@Davidson convenes innovators and entrepreneurs in the Davidson College community and the Lake Norman region to catalyze innovative solutions to critical problems through educational programming, experiential learning in a safe environment, an inclusive co-working space, uncompromising ethics, a robust mentor network, and access to startup capital.

Students that visited Aug 2020 - May 2021
Student & Young Alumni new ventures launched / scaled

Impact on Careers

50 students took entrepreneurship and innovation-focused classes, workshops, and attended case competitions

1,000+ Hours of mentorship through Launch LKN, Davidson Alumni engagement & Hurt Hub Office Hours

25 students did internships with for-profit firms for 8-10 hours a week, read materials focused on design thinking and Lean Startup Methodology, ethics and organizational culture, and engaged in reflective discussions.

After nearly three years of research and classes centered around conservation and the environment at Davidson College, I was seeking a different perspective on work with the environment. The experiential learning course at Davidson College offered me the opportunity to get course credit for an internship with a sustainability startup. With help from the Hurt Hub and the Matthews Center for Career Development, I received an interview with Boomerang Water. Boomerang allowed me independence with the project, and I was able to learn and apply new skills such as marketing, logistics, and service. My role with the feasibility project, work on other projects, and fit with company culture led to a job offer

Max Vierling ‘21
Gigs in FY21
Student Gig-Hub Consultants Trained
0 +
Student Consultant hours billed

The Gig-Hub

Our Gig-Hub program has proven to be a cornerstone in connecting talented Davidson students and commercial ventures, especially startups and small businesses, for short-term internships. The Gig-Hub program provides students who want to develop their professional skills with project-based micro-internships, known as gigs, that immediately translate into skills that employers desire.

Becoming a Gig-Hub consultant has been an invaluable experience. The program has allowed me to hone my skills and grow confidence. Gig Hub is truly a mutually beneficial program. Students get real world experience, meanwhile small companies and startups get quality work for a reduced price. I continue to take on gigs because I love the balance of autonomy and collaboration that Gig-Hub provides.

Brie Burrell ‘23
$ 0
Startup Capital distributed to support new student & alumni venture creation

Looking to the Future

Amongst many learnings from the past year, we recognize that “work” will never be the same. We thank you for your continued support as we help prepare students, alumni and our community to be leaders in innovation and entrepreneurship to solve the world’s most pressing challenges.

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