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Impact on People

The Hurt Hub@Davidson convenes innovators and entrepreneurs in the Davidson College community and the Lake Norman region to catalyze innovative solutions to critical problems through educational programming, experiential learning in a safe environment, an inclusive co-working space, uncompromising ethics, a robust mentor network, and access to startup capital.

Learners in educational programming
Student & Young Alumni new ventures launched / scaled
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Impact on Careers

11,850 learning hours of entrepreneurship and innovation-focused classes, workshops, and attended case competitions.

43  ventures mentored through Launch LKN, Davidson Alumni engagement & Hurt Hub Office Hours.

4 Davidson Psychology majors  were given the opportunity to serve as strategic consultants for ADUSA Supply Chain, a major grocery warehousing and distribution firm across the US.

This class was truly a hands-on, experiential learning course. As students we were involved in every step of the process. We were a part of the initial intro meeting with the client company, we conducted background research, led interviews with employees from the client company, identified major themes in our findings, analyzed our findings, helped brainstorm recommendations and gave the final presentation to HR leadership of the client company. Though we were led by Dr. Kello and Liz and they helped us work through each step, we were given responsibilities as students. This whole experience and being involved from start to finish gave me insight into what an OD [Organizational Development] consulting gig would look like.

Gigs in FY22
Student Gig-Hub Consultants
Student Consultant hours billed

The Gig-Hub

Our Gig-Hub program has proven to be a cornerstone in connecting talented Davidson students and commercial ventures, especially startups and small businesses, for short-term internships. The Gig-Hub program provides students who want to develop their professional skills with project-based micro-internships, known as gigs, that immediately translate into skills that employers desire.

Working as a Gig-Hub consultant for Reesmarx, [a global recruitment agancy with US headquarters in Charlotte], this past spring was incredible! Because I lacked any internship experience prior to working for the Gig-Hub, looking for summer internships proved to be a tedious and fruitless process for most of the year. However, becoming a Gig-Hub consultant allowed me to demonstrate my skills on small projects and prove my potential despite my lack of experience.

$ 0
Startup Capital distributed to support new student & alumni venture creation

Innovation Portfolio

The Innovation team developed Ready to Lead,  a customized 10-week curriculum aimed at training emerging managers with supervisory and leadership skills; 18 learners including 53% women and 36% minorities and underrepresented identities. 

11  student and staff team supported a student-led process that resulted in an innovative decision-making framework rooted in equity and inclusion best practices to determine how to reallocate student space.

$ 0 k
EdX Partner Winner

In May, EdX  awarded Davidson College $100,000  to support the development of two new classes focused on storytelling in the workplace with Professor Steve Kaliski ‘07.


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